Kanye West Performs ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Blood on the Leaves’ on ‘Jools Holland’

Kanye West

Earlier in the week, Kanye West kicked off the new season of BBC’s “Later… with Jools Holland” with a soulful performance of his Yeezus cut “Bound 2″ with Charlie Wilson.

On Friday, the show aired the rest of his powerful performance. The “number one rock star on the planet” blessed the stage once again with a two-song set. With some help from Uncle Charlie, he started with “New Slaves” before continuing with his Auto-Tuned track “Blood on the Leaves.”

All hail Yeezus.


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  1. Franck

    The New Slaves performance is outstanding!!!! Really like out of this word! Well done Kanye I respect you for these f*cking brillant ideas you’re always pushing!
    I dare someone to say this performance is not artistic!


    Righteous Reply:

    @Franck, Artistic ?……only in the land of the BLIND, DEAF,and DUMB


  2. kate

    epic ! wow



    My 2 most fav tracks off the Yeezus album.


  4. Righteous

    What a bitchy little, ALLEGED, coke head queen getting all waspy and whiny that his peers would rather spend a fortune on Alexander Wang…..AN ACTUAL fashion designer (no comment on the clothes) than his sad pathetic attempts at criminally overpriced jumble…….and the having the nerve to call them people slaves.! And while I’m at it …..Nina Simone should jump up out of her grave and slap the sh!t out of Kanye for having the TEMERITY to speed her voice up to sound like a chipmunk …..that will show you more about MR WEST than any child snatching microphone award show antics and media wh0re marrying( whilst allegedly closet) shit he’s pulled……AND whilst singing Strange Fruit!!!!!.. So Ms Holliday should be slapping him too. Check the writing credits on Black Skinhead….then check the writing credits of Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll pt 1+2 see if you can match up the credits…..you can’t ….but yet they’re the same song only one was written roughly 40 years ago and the other has someone ranting BULLSHIT on top. I could go further BUT………..


  5. Coco

    YES !!! That’s why I love Kanye West !!!! That New slaves perf tho >>>>>>>>>


  6. Yvonne

    Charlie wilson is everything. Loved both performances


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