New Music: Jennifer Hudson f/ T.I. – ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’

Jennifer Hudson and T.I.

Jennifer Hudson puts on her dancing shoes and spreads some feel-good vibes with “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel).” The Grammy and Oscar-winning star enlists T.I. for the tingling disco-inspired number, produced by Pharrell.

“I just can’t put in words what I feel for you/ It feels so good it hurts,” sings J-Hud, while Tip caters to his lady on his verse.

In addition to Pharrell, J-Hud has been working on her third album with producers including Timbaland, Salaam Remi, and RedOne. “It’s not dance dance, but it’s soulful dance. It’s very ’70s kinda style,” RedOne told Rap-Up TV of the follow-up to 2011′s I Remember Me.

Hit the dance floor with J-Hud.

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  1. AJ

    Im really not feeling this. I hope it’s an outtake from hervlast album. Its certainly not strong enough to be the lead single from a new album


  2. O.B.

    Please don’t put this out as the lead single!!!!!! Gotta come harder! I know you can do it JHud!


  3. dar

    this wouldn’t have even cut it in 1979, so definitely not in 2013.


    keep it real Reply:

    @dar, what are you talking about? Some of the best music came out in the late 70′s/early 80′s so for you to dismiss an era of music just because it’s the past is so infantile and immature. Get a grip!


  4. fa

    Real music.
    I live!


  5. DD

    The first thing I thought was how can I turn down the volume. Second, this is pretty lame. Third, I guess Jennifer will never stop ‘singing’ at the top of her lungs whether its the verse or chorus.


    Hatehaters Reply:

    @DD, How is she singing at the top of her lungs? DId you even listen to the song


    Vance Reply:

    @DD, I agree so much with your last sentence.


    DD Reply:

    @Vance, ohh lmbo… I was being sarcastic… Did. Uuuu. Listen to the song??! :(


  6. Ice

    I love it. Channeling Evelyn Champagne King. If it’s a single, I hope its a success, at Urban Adult radio at least.


  7. DontKillMyVibe

    When I clicked on the link I was expecting a ballad… Don’t really feel this.


    SdotB Reply:

    @DontKillMyVibe, a valid with T.I. as the feature? please…smh



    Good lord this is boring.


  9. yooo

    I got a whole bunch of waaaaaaaaayyysss. Sexify part 2. Poor leah labelle


    tell'em Reply:

    @yooo, yeah this sounds just like Leah Labelle’s “Sexify.” Pharrell is a one trick pony without Chad Hugo.


  10. TPS

    Everyone who cries here go and listen to Kesha or Rihanna but THAT SONG is REAL MUSIC. Conversation over


    Navyking Reply:

    @TPS, leave rih outta this please !


  11. Louis

    T.I. did it !!! once again


  12. JD

    I don’t love it but I like it. It’s fresh.


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  16. Kim M. B.

    OMG!!!That goes out to my baby It feel so good it hurts!!!Jennifer & TI Off the chain!!!Love that track. Can’t wait to be out on the dance floor toasted & then go do some Drunk in Love Yeah!!!Two best single for me right now!!!


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