Jessie J

Jessie J and Brandy Perform ‘Conquer the World’ at iTunes Festival

Jessie J celebrated the U.K. release of her sophomore album Alive with a performance at the iTunes Festival in London on Monday. In addition to singing her hits, the blonde-haired Brit brought out Brandy to duet on their empowering anthem “Conquer the World.” The ladies put their powerful pipes on display while belting out the big ballad.

“So overwhelmed right now! Partying with my closest people! Thank you iTunes thank you everyone who gave me love tonight. My heart is heavy with love,” tweeted Jessie.

See the powerhouse divas team up and shut down the stage.

  • Penny Proud Lil Sis

    Yes Brandy….Yes Mama….Her whole new image is EVERYTHING, because the VOCALS have ALWAYS been there! Alright now baby!!!

  • Bran Star

    They both looked great, and definitely took it there vocally! I just wish Brandy went off a bit more. I know she has it in her, cause it sounded like Jess wanted to battle! lol maybe it was her mic or something. Anyways, good job ladies! Love you B-Rocka!

  • Holly Peters

    Brandy and Jessie are two
    amazing singers. I love this song and am shocked at how well they sang it live.
    I applaud this interracial duo for teaming up and spreading the message of love, peace and friendship. The music industry sure needs more of that.

  • Kyle

    I actually really like this song. It has a great message and they both sounds amazing on it. Good performance!

  • kevin


  • Andy

    I love how she’s such a sweetheart and always makes beautiful and inspirational songs, but as always America just cares about what thing Miley or Justin Bieber did. People are f*cked up and put too much attention in stupid and negative things. Awful life I guess.

  • Coolie Jones

    They sounded amazing live. Their very different voices come together well.

  • Shutterbug

    So, when’s it comin’ out in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?!

  • Brian

    AMAZING I can wait til the HD version of this video hits so i can hear every whimper of ms brandy norwoods vocal chords

  • Nathan

    Brandy sounds and looks amazing.
    And Jessie, she’s great!!

    I could hear this on radio.

  • kate

    brandy the vocal bible

  • Troy

    Yessss the both went off love the song as well !

  • A.

    awesome performance!! this should be a single

  • bibi93