M.I.A. Battles NFL Over Super Bowl Performance


It’s been 18 months since M.I.A.’s performance with Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI, but the controversial set is still making headlines. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the NFL is suing the Sri Lankan rapper-singer for $1.5 million for allegedly breaching her contract and tarnishing its goodwill and reputation after she flipped the middle finger.

But M.I.A. is fighting back. On Monday, the “Paper Planes” hitmaker launched a public war against the league by releasing a video statement via WikiLeaks.

“The NFL thing is completely ridiculous,” says Maya in the clip entitled “NFL vs. M.I.A.” “It’s been making me laugh for a while, but now it’s so boring, I don’t even laugh anymore.”

She claims that she’s been made a scapegoat by the NFL and points out some high school cheerleaders who were dancing in sexually provocative ways during the performance.

“Now they’re scapegoating me into figuring out the goal posts on what is offensive in America,” she says. “Is my finger offensive or is an underage black girl with her legs wide open more offensive to the family audience?”

She calls the whole incident a “massive waste of time and money” and an example of “powerful corporation dick-shaking.”

Do you agree? Watch her address the public below.

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  1. Kyle

    I’m sorry M.I.A., I know you are very opinionated and like to stir up controversy but you just don’t fuck with the NFL. She is really going to make people hate her. We all saw what happened to Janet Jackson’s career after her halftime performance.


  2. MiaWIN

    I agree with her. The NFL needs to drop that bogus lawsuit against her.


  3. MeeMee

    Let me just be the first to say it. She is stupid, lame and has a relevancy of 0. You have nothing else going on in your career so let’s talk about something that’s almost 2 years old, REALLY? Talk about holding on to her 15 minutes of fame. WACK!!!


    wtf Reply:

    @MeeMee, It’s not her that’s dragging this out, it’s the NFL


    what Reply:

    @MeeMee, The NFL are the ones bringing it up, not her. read the article next time idiot


    JERRYYY Reply:

    @MeeMee, you my friend are an idiot. just cause she’s not on Pop radio doesn’t mean she’s not relevant. She’s just not a commercial clone. Before you criticise, use this thing called “google”. I heard it can find tons of information.


    middlefinger Reply:

    @MeeMee, lol my the Lord forgive you’re dumb soul, like can you read and plus someone who has an article written about her doesn’t seem to be irrelevant to me. I mean even you wrote something no?


    TRA Reply:

    @MeeMee, I believe M.I.A. is one of the greatest, most underrated music artists in the music industry right now. M.I.A. is a great music artist, M.I.A. is not stupid, lame, and wack. Just because you don’t hear M.I.A.’s music on the radio doesn’t mean that M.I.A. is totally irrelevant. There are a lot of music artists in the music industry from different music genres who don’t get any major radio airplay who are relevant and still put out great music. Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, BIG K.R.I.T., Jay Electronica, The Roots, Schoolboy Q, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Vampire Weekend, David Bowie, Janelle Monae, and other music artists are great rappers, great singers, great rock-n-roll bands, and great instrument players who never get major radio airplay, and still put out great music.

    M.I.A’s Paper Planes song was one of the greatest, biggest hit songs of last decade. M.I.A.’s Paper Planes was nominated for Song of The Year or Record of The Year at the 2009 Grammy Awards. T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne’s Swagga Like Us song which was a hit record that contains samples from M.I.A.’s Paper Planes song. M.I.A. is a much bigger artist overseas than she is in the U.S.A. The NFL is very selfish, very arrogant, and very greedy for suing M.I.A. for putting up her middle finger during her performance with Madonna at the NFL Super Bowl a couple of years ago. I could be very wrong, but I don’t think the NFL ever try to sue Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson for their NFL Super Bowl halftime performance incident last decade. The NFL is trying to please the biased mainstream media, biased mainstream pop music fans, and biased mainstream hip hop music fans by attacking M.I.A. first. There were cheerleaders who were dancing in a over the top sexual way during Madonna and M.I.A.’s Super Bowl performance, but the NFL did nothing about that.


  4. wtf

    It’s not her that’s dragging this out, it’s the NFL…


  5. opd2

    i thought this was over,a law suit is still going on for this,this is b-ll.


  6. J

    Beyonces crotch in HD for 10 straight minutes all good though? She should counter sue the stress and undue hardship this places on her needlessly… Seriously NFL employs murderers, DUI repeat offenders, and domestic violence guys but let’s make a stand with MIA. F the nfl


  7. Raj

    Fuck the NFL, racist ass muthafuckas.


  8. LC

    People should know what they are getting into when they sign any contract with NFL (which I’m sure she did to be able to perform). Unfortunately for M.I.A., the NFL has to make an example out of her so that future performers will think twice before breaking their rules.


    TRA Reply:

    @LC, Nobody is saying M.I.A. was totally right for putting up her middle finger while she was performing with Madonna at the NFL Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Even though M.I.A. already probably knew that she signed a contract with the NFL by being told to be on her best behavior during the NFL Super Bowl halftime performance and she broke the contract, that still doesn’t change the fact that the NFL is very selfish, very arrogant, very greedy, and very hypocritical for suing M.I.A. The NFL has NFL players who are convicted criminals, DUI repeated offenders, and domestic violence guys, but the NFL gives the NFL players the right to appeal their suspensions and punishnments through the NFL players union. Coach Jim Harbaugh of The San Fransico 49ers just let Aldon Smith, a well-known football player play against The Indianapolis Colts after being arrested for D.U.I. which is far worse than M.I.A. putting up her middle finger during her NFL Super Bowl performance.


  9. Andy

    I don’t really mind her but she has to suck it up. She signed a contract and broke it, she can’t say is “injustice.”

    On the other hand, NFL is freaking ridiculous. An incident with almost two years of happening and they are doing something just now? Stupid. Anyway, I hope they can make an arrangement.


  10. Logic

    Wow… never ceases to amaze me how many people here are myopic and can’t really ascertain what the lawsuit is about. The suit is for breaching the contract, which explicitly prohibited MIA from committing any distasteful act in front of the millions of viewers. Just because some other little girl violated this rule does not mean MIA should not be held liable. That’s like saying since my neighbor stole a Ferrari, I shouldn’t be arrested for stealing a Honda. Are you serious? Besides, you are comparing yourself to a minor, while you are an adult, meaning you should be more responsible for your acts. Also, NFL is filled with murders and felons. Sure, but do they murder, rape, do drugs, etc on national T.V. while millions of people are watching? They are doing/done those acts in their personal lives. If MIA flipped her friends or fans off the camera and NFL tried to sue her, then such argument would make sense. This is a totally different topic. Come on people, use your brain.


  11. Logic



    TRA Reply:

    @Logic, The NFL is totally wrong for doing this lawsuit against M.I.A. two years later, The NFL should had did this lawsuit two years ago. Even though The NFL have NFL players who are convicted criminals in their personal lives and never committed crimes on TV, that still doesn’t change the fact that The NFL is very selfish, very stupid, very arrogant, and very hypocritical because you have NFL head coaches who work for NFL owners and NFL head coaches let their players play in games after they been charged with a crime unless those players get suspended from The NFL and can’t repeal their suspension. Unless NFL players get suspended, or kicked off the team, NFL players can still play in NFL games. The NFL is very wrong in this situation, The NFL waited too late to do this lawsuit, The NFL only cares about making money, The NFL don’t care about people’s professional lives or people’s personal lives.


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