Video: Jason Derulo – ‘Marry Me’

Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo

Love is in the air for Jason Derulo. On the eve of his Tattoos EP release, the pop heartthrob debuts the romantic video for his second single “Marry Me” starring his real-life leading lady Jordin Sparks. A shirtless Derulo cuddles in bed with his girlfriend and makes love in the kitchen before popping the question.

He picks out an engagement ring and imagines them growing old together. “105 is the number that comes to my head when I think of all the years I want to be with you,” he sings.

Watch the couple’s romance blossom on screen.

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  1. Rasheed

    If thy dont wrkout this will suck for him…riskn puttn her in the vid wish em the best.


  2. Shutterbug

    Back in the day when she was thick & curvy, I was like “Dat’s da wifey right here.”

    Now that she’s turned anorexic, I’m like “You can have her, Jason…bones are for the dog and I guess that’s you.”


    Oh. Reply:

    @Shutterbug, She far from “anorexic”, let’s cut the chubby chaser fuckshit.


  3. kate

    love that song


  4. side-eye

    i feel like this relationship is for publicity


  5. Shae

    Mannnnnnnm y’all some haters! It’s so funny. Any who, this video was amazing. They’re so adorable!


  6. LaMont

    This is a nice song and video, he (Jason Derulo) is a lucky man Jordin Sparks is beautiful.


  7. Kyle

    Jordin Sparks is one pretty girl; Jason’s lucky.


  8. Sushi

    it’s cute but.. i keep thinking, “What if they break up? Won’t this be awkward?”


  9. lolo

    their relationship reminds me of beyonce and jayz. (virgo&sagittarius)


  10. .

    I think Jason is so underrated :(
    Anyway I just wanted to say they look mad cute together! I wish them the best.


  11. Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks Break Up - I Am Mo Better

    […] about their relationship. Derulo, 25, staged a mock proposal to Sparks, 24, in his music video for “Marry Me” and they recorded a duet called “Vertigo” for Derulo’s album Talk […]

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