10 Quotables from Kanye West’s Zane Lowe Interview

Kanye West

Kanye West may not be the most-liked celebrity, but you can’t deny his passion. During the second part of his sit-down with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, the G.O.O.D. Music mastermind spoke about his role in pop culture, his relationship with corporations, and the misconceptions about himself. While there were many highlights, we’ve compiled 10 of the best quotes from the interview below.

1. “When I say, ‘Clean water was only served to the fairer skin,’ what I’m saying is we’re making product with chitlins, T-shirts that’s the most we can make. We can have our best perspective on T-shirts, but if it’s anything else, your Truman Show boat is hitting the wall.”

2. “I want to make uniforms for my high school basketball team through brand Yeezy.”

3. “I eventually want to be the anchor of the first trillion-dollar company.”

4. “I never really liked ['Gold Digger'], but I always knew that I would get paid for doing ‘Gold Digger.’”

5. “I like some of the Gaga songs. What the fuck does she know about cameras?” he said in reference to the pop star’s deal with Polaroid.

6. “When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ everybody says, ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was, a god. I just told you!”

7. “I was taught I can do everything and I’m Kanye West at age 36, so just watch the next 10 years.”

8. “People think a lot of my motivation is very megalomaniac and self-oriented. To the contrary completely. I just want to help.”

9. “I put on that pink Polo and said ‘broke, broke’ and broke through that TV and now you got an interview with me.”

10. “I’m a post modernist at best as a career. I’m a futurist mentally.”

Watch the second part of his interview below. If you missed part one, see it here.

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  1. the_King

    Man, I like Kanye. As much I hate to admit it, I don’t mind the guy. He makes really great music.

    But here, Kanye is really pushing the line here.

    For all the fact that he has made good music, some of the best music in recent memory in fact. I get the feeling that he’s really starting to lose touch with reality and just go fucking crazy.

    Really homie? All those stupid comparisons. God damn. Dude looks crazy.


  2. SteATL

    He was in the zone at certain points but at the very end he seemed full of sh*t.


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @SteATL, …?


    Mr Dark Fantasy Reply:

    Ppl may thng hes crazy but its his personality tht he needed evovle the hiphop genre…and to evolve music n ppls minds. If u look at his astrology u will see tht his moon sign is pisces just like michael jackson…so in his soul hes a creator…but with a crazy geminipersonality. Lol.


    Pusha F Reply:

    @SteATL, Go Fuck Your Self, Kanye West is Preaching, Listen to him while you fucking yourself.


  3. carlos

    greatest interview ever


  4. t-bib

    The man is on drug, there’s no doubt! And I really like Kanye West, but nowaday, he’s going to far in his interview


    B Reply:

    @t-bib, 1. Learn how to use grammar properly. 2. Actually LISTEN to what he’s saying. You’re biased and you’re disregarding everything he’s really saying just so you can keep disliking.


  5. righteous



  6. Nick wright

    Pastor West too much knowledge,only if he said more of this on he’s Yeezus album


  7. Ross

    What’s more disturbing than the things he say is the fact that he actually believes the shit that comes out of his own mouth.

    No matter what he does with his career and life it will all be over shadowed by his antics after his death.


  8. Miszi

    Thew thing about Kanye (at least for me) is that we love him for his music, not what he says. He has gone crazy lately and what sucks even more is that Yeezus was so dissapointing in my own opinion. I will be looking forward to his next release anyways.


  9. tmb

    a genius is often a little crazy


  10. whit

    Kanye may sound crazy but he is speaking the truth. He has been looking crazy these days but it makes sense.


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