M.I.A. Reveals ‘Matangi’ Cover, Tracklisting


A day after waging war against the NFL, M.I.A. unveils the fiery cover for her fourth album Matangi. The controversial singer-rapper hypnotizes with her red eyes and hair on the digitally-altered image.

The follow-up to 2010′s /\/\/\Y/\, described as “Paul Simon on acid,” arrives Nov. 5 featuring production from Surkin, Switch, Danja, Hit-Boy, and M.I.A.

She has been releasing tracks throughout the year including “Come Walk With Me,” “Bring the Noize,” and “Only 1 U.”

UPDATE: See the tracklisting below.

Matangi Tracklisting

1. “Karmageddon”
3. “Only 1 U”
4. “Warriors”
5. “Come Walk With Me”
6. “aTENTion”
7. “Exodus” feat. The Weeknd
8. “Bad Girls”
9. “Boom Skit”
10. “Double Bubble Trouble”
11. “Y.a.l.a”
12. “Bring the Noize”
13. “Lights”
14. “Know It Ain’t Right”
15. “Sexodus” feat. The Weeknd


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  1. outofdabox14

    Im here for it!


  2. nn



  3. Nicki Minaj

    I love you! let me copy you next. *strugglecry*


    eve Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, GTFO here! hoee


    missy Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, naaahh not this clone again.


    Miriah Carey Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, The struggle. *whiphair*


    Foxy Brown Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, damnn nicki let me barrow one of your wig.


    Lil'Kim Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, you little c lone kim clown


    Missy Elliot Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, naaaah not this struggle c lone again…


    Lil Wayne Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, come back here hoe and suck my D. i didn’t tell you to stop.


    Gyary Reply:

    @Lil Wayne, LOOOOOL WTF


  4. Kyle

    I need some new M.I.A. music in my life! So ready for this!!!


  5. Raj

    Yes, this is gonna be dope!!


  6. bibi93

    can’t wait


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