Video: Paris Hilton f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Good Time’ [Teaser]

Paris Hilton

Young Money signee Paris Hilton links with Lil Wayne on her new single “Good Time.” The heiress-turned-singer, who signed with the label earlier this year, previewed 15 seconds of her video on MTV’s “RapFix Live.” In the sexy clip, Paris sports a YMCMB hat and “Rich Girl” shirt and shows off her hot bikini body, while Weezy and Birdman make cameos.

“Are you having a good time? ‘Cause I’m having a good time and I might be a bit tipsy,” she sings on the club-ready cut.

The song drops Oct. 1, while her Young Money debut is due next year featuring collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Flo Rida.

She describes the music as “electro-pop—dance music mixed with pop and also hip-hop.”

“This music is really of the time right now,” she said during her appearance on “RapFix Live.” “It’s dance music, it’s fun, and just club bangers.”

UPDATE: The song will now hit iTunes on Oct. 8. Watch the extended video teaser below.

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  1. NASIR

    I can’t.


    Really YMCMB???? Reply:



  2. sonya

    what is this shit?


  3. NicoleRichie

    I don’t care, I LOVE PARIS

    Even if the song is atrocious she still getting to them billions.


    Speechless Reply:

    @NicoleRichie, Billions of what?


    Eric Reply:

    @Speechless, DOLLARS HOE! Google da net worth, Paris is not and will never be broke!


    randy Reply:

    @NicoleRichie, you like her because she’s rich. wow, you aint shit


    NicoleRichie Reply:

    @randy, because what I just wrote clearly stated I like paris because she’s rich. You’re so clever. And you’re right, I aint shit, you’re just a skank piece of it. Bye.


  4. Shutterbug

    OK…all you YMCMBrats who are constantly doggin’ Fresh, Juve & BG for being “irrelevant”…you just signed PARIS HILTON and LIMP BIZKIT.


  5. Jaye

    32 is too damn old for this foolish, Paris


  6. Hank

    Poor, confused heiress.


  7. randy

    im happy she’s finally found a way to be productive. all these years you guys have talked down on her because she’s doesnt do anything but party. now she has found a creative outlet and you still just cant be satisfied. not saying you have to like her music, but at least respect it. im starting to think yall are just jerks who want everyone to be as miserable as you are


    oh. Reply:

    @randy, But people are acting like this is her first album. I liked her songs the first time around and if she wants to get back into music I’m not mad. This girl has nothing but money and time on her hands let her cook.


  8. BadBitch Syndrome

    I don’t care what nobody says Paris Hilton is an EMPIRE n a BRAND. As much as ppl think she is dumb she must be smart enough to have over 50 stores around the world.

    She is worth billions on top of billions, she’s been over seas rackin in coins like no other for the past few years.

    In terms of music if she gives us Brittney spears/ Ke$ha type stuff she could be a big pop star.


  9. Gyary

    Mid-life crisis alert?





  11. muzikxxx

    The death of YMCMB, lol.

    Somewhere Nicole is shaking her head at this nonsense.



    Sounds more like Wayne song. The melody+the way autotune was used


  13. Frenchie97

    sorry, i like!


  14. viciuzurban



  15. Lex

    I though this bitch spent all daddy money.


  16. James Everett

    Why are you all so mad?? She don’t do this shit because she needs a $$ or trying to be hot…..this shit is for fun. Grow up…..


  17. Sushi

    Aah! I can’t wait for this song to come out. I’ve always liked Paris Hilton songs, ever since Stars Are Blind. You can’t deny it’s catchy! (*now going to play Stars Are Blind)


  18. MR KUSH

    This chick is talented no matter how yall wanna look at it. shes a fashion icon, shes a business woman, shes a dj, shes a actress, and shes a recording artists who writes ALL of her songs. anybody who cant accept these facts is simply a HATER.


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