Video: Rick Ross f/ Future – ‘No Games’

Rick Ross

Rick Ross pays homage to the original gangster, Tony Montana, in the video for “No Games.” The Maybach Music don rolls out the black-and-white clip for his Future-assisted single via Revolt TV. He delivers his killer verses from a plush hotel suite as violent scenes from the 1983 classic Scarface are shown.

The MMG compilation Self Made, Vol. 3 debuts at No. 4 this week with 50,000. On Nov. 12, he will embark on his 8-city “Mastermind” tour leading up to the release of his sixth album later this year.

Watch Rozay mob the screen.

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  1. doris

    Far as I can tell he’s not promoting or saying murder someone so the lyrics not too bad. But he could say

    “Dont play no games with these ladies” LOL

    However, I will admit that today’s modern girls aren’t offended by being called a tough “bish”. Since most are walking around without a man to protect them they do need to be extra strong.

    I hate Tony Montana in the movie. He is the epitome of evil and degradation and a monster of the worse kind. My son is a professional man who has never been in a fight but he has a pic of Tony Montana in his apt. Men are aggressive warriors at heart but he expresses his on the football field.

    The video isn’t coming out and saying kill with words, but they are certainly implying it. It’s a bit cleaner to let Tony Montana imply murder, rather than a black rapper, so Rick used his head when he didn’t say it like Future did in sh8t.

    The world sucks. Hope the people that like this are mature enough to not internalize it.


    Constante Reply:

    @doris, smartest comment ever!!! It’s really difficult to read comments like this on rap websites


  2. doris



  3. Yury

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