Drake Says Beyoncé Has ‘Bars,’ Reveals Plans for Singing Album


Drake sat down before an audience at NYU on Sunday for Elliott Wilson’s CRWN series. In part two of the interview, October’s Very Own spoke about working with Beyoncé, his respect for Jay Z, and his relationship with YMCMB. Plus, he revealed his plans for a full singing album and why his mother got upset over the lyrics to “Too Much.”

His production partner Noah “40″ Shebib also joined him to talk about their recording process and the OVO sound.

Read highlights and watch the interview below.

On Beyoncé: “‘Pound Cake’ happened while I was writing for Beyoncé or working with Beyoncé, not writing for, working with. I hate saying writing for ’cause she’s a phenomenal writer. She has bars on bars.”

On “Pound Cake”: “I sent the song back to Jay, and that was when it almost became a Jay Z song. He’s such a good guy. He was just like, ‘Man, I gave my word.’ Everybody around him was hype around the song. We’re all so grateful to have Hov. I don’t know what I’d do without that guy sometimes. He’s full of gems, full of advice, and obviously one of the most talented people.”

On “Off That”: “I initially wrote it as a reference for somebody and it ended up making the album and at that time, who’s gonna say no? … I probably would’ve said things different.”

On making an R&B album: “I’m looking forward to giving you my version of a full singing record one day.”

On “Too Much”: “For the first time, my mom was extremely upset. She was really upset with me. She was upset because she felt like it warranted a personal conversation before I went and said that in a song.”

On YMCMB: “I just try to be as loyal as I can. At the end of the day, I’m gonna be Drake. I believe in what I believe in. I love Stunna and I love Wayne with all my heart, and Nicki. At the same time, I always feel like me being out here pushing what I’m doing, pushing OVO, it only makes the label look better. I just try and make it a joint thing. Everything I do is hopefully a positive to Young Money.”

Watch part 1 here.

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  1. DrakeMadeGirlsLoveBeyonce

    Drake, is a Jay-Z stan. I expect him to say some sucka strokin ass sh*t like this. He stans for the Carters and he wishes would have signed with ROC-A-FELLA seeing as though he was approached to sign with them TWICE.


    leenabadd Reply:

    @DrakeMadeGirlsLoveBeyonce, drake is partly signed with jay n young money


  2. Luv

    Been wanting Drake and Bey to work together for the longest. Hopefully we’ll be able to hear something that came from those sessions soon.


  3. JD

    Dunno why he made that whole “writing for Beyoncé” sound so hot?


    JAMES Reply:

    @JD, I have never felt this creep gave Lil Wayne and Baby, the respect they deserve for MAKING HIM. He is not that good a rapper, and certainly no one wants to hear him sing.

    He’s just sucking up to the fools bey and jayz because of their unsavory marketing practices of using a lot of fake hype, buying their own music, and then making it up through concert sales. I believe that’s what they do.

    I dont like it. I think they are probably breaking monopoly laws.


    When people with money engage in these practices, it shuts out the very talented little guy who doesn’t have the money to compete.

    It’s not fair.

    Kicking Chris Brown when he was down, didn’t help my view of him either.


    Andy Reply:

    @JAMES, ouch! that hurts, but are you sure is true? No fighting, just asking ‘cuz you really don’t have any prove that they buy their own music.


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @JAMES, got medication? child, get out of here … j & b don’t have to buy their own music or concert tickets because they are very much in demand. you seem bitter … are you mad because you’re broke? drake has always voiced his appreciation to wayne & baby. more importantly, he signed that slave contract they presented to him & dude ended up being the hottest thing from that camp. he really needs to end that relationship for 2 reasons. one, his image & the ymcm image are totally contradictory. two, he’s carrying that whole crew on his back (with the exception of nicki).


    mike Reply:

    @JAMES, shut the fuck up


    JD Reply:

    @JD, Eliott Wilson is a nice guy.


  4. Meme

    Don’t kno why he corrected himself because he was right the first time….writing for beyonce. But of course when the song surfaces beyonces name will be right there in the credit.


  5. 2bad2bme

    He made it seem like a “oops” moment when he said that Beyonce statement….like we don’t know some folks write for her


    JasmineAllon Reply:

    @2bad2bme, STRAIGHT UP! lmfao


  6. karamelkisses

    congrats drake on the new album, which is amazing, and working w/ beyonce on her upcoming album. I remember reading an interview you did when you had been out a couple of years citing a list of people you’d love to work with. you named Rihanna, chris brown (ironically), kanye and jayz. and you’re top 3 were mike jack, beyonce & Justin timberlake … 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


    leenabadd Reply:

    @karamelkisses, him and chris brown made up


  7. christinaphillips

    looky so sey dake


  8. Killer Bees

    chile he know he wrote the song for bey. but of course he was paid to hand over the writing credits.


  9. Ya Boy LuKas

    Beyonce takes songs that are already written, changes a word, then claims writing credit. For instance, “Smash Into You” vs. “Smack Into You”. Research it.


  10. divashalo

    a full singing record?! damn drake lookin’ to drop them ladies panties huh


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