Pharrell Launches Moncler Sunglass Collaboration


Pharrell bundled up for the opening of the new Moncler flagship store in Paris on Thursday. The Neptunes super-producer arrived with his fiancée Helen Lasichanh and rocked some of the brand’s winter fashions including a fur coat and “bulletproof” vest.

He has partnered with Moncler for his own line of sunglasses made from a single piece of titanium. “This is a collaboration and if anything, I feel like Moncler is endorsing me,” said Pharrell. “The world is about to see itself through the lenses of Moncler and Pharrell Williams.”

He modeled the lunettes in a black-and-white shoot for the campaign. “I never like pictures of myself and I was just looking at these pictures going, ‘Whoa,’ pinching myself.”

Could a collaboration with Google Glass be next? “I know they’ve asked me about it,” the “Get Lucky” hitmaker told WWD. “Maybe there could be a collaboration there—you know, tech.”

See photos of Pharrell rocking his new shades below.

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  1. stephenc

    Looks like some chick in the photo, one of the Braxon sisters.


  2. Righteous

    Some waaaayyyy OVERHYPED piece of shit wearing a fur coat…. IMPRESSIVE!


  3. Righteous

    I’m sure he’s aware the pelts are ripped off the animal whilst it’s still ALIVE! Stupid bitch doesn’t ,probably , realise he’s been ripped off and he’s actually wearing dog and cat.


    troof Reply:

    @Righteous, no1currs


    Righteous Reply:



  4. ludo_music

    PETA go for his ass


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