Behind the Video: Rihanna – ‘Pour It Up’


Strippers, dollar bills, and lots of skin. Rihanna showcases the art of pole dancing in the racy video for “Pour It Up.” After teasing with some behind-the-scenes pics, she has released video footage from the set.

RiRi not only stars on screen, she also calls the shots off screen as co-director. She enlists some famous exotic dancers including Nicole “The Pole” Williams, Candace Cane, and Secret Moneii.

“We got her a dressing room and then we got her ass another dressing room,” joked Rihanna of the latter.

The ladies splash their cheeks in a pool of water and perform acrobatics on the pole. “I bet you never seen bitches twerk on water. My bitches twerk on water. No basic zone, no basics,” said RiRi.

Go behind the scenes of her most scandalous video yet.

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  1. boom boom

    BADDEST bitch on the game and she knows it.


    Righteous Reply:

    @boom boom, She MIGHT…….be ON the game!……..but she is NOT the baddest bitch.


    meme Reply:

    @Righteous, who is then? plz explain


  2. @Princejawsh

    Rihanna is tha bitch! I can’t wait for the video tomorrow!


  3. Shutterbug

    This is GARBAGE…she needs to rediscover her roots, get God back into her life, and do it for the islands again!

    Cue her “Navy” saying “If you’re a real fan of RiRi’s you’ll support her no matter what she does”…that includes getting drunk and high every night, sleeping around with anyone who has some wood, and so much other stuff.

    They don’t get it. I love her just as much as they do, but in a different way. The “Navy” loves her like a 7-year old loves his mommy…to them, she is all that is right and anybody who holds an opinion contrary to hers is wrong. I love her like a grown-up does; I want to see her do well and live long and happy, so I’m quick to point out where I disagree with her lifestyle choices, all while showing concern for her. That’s REAL love…

    Dear old RiRi, please call back…


    IG: @ClothezMinded_ Reply:

    @Shutterbug, I completely agree. i fell in love with her during the Loud and TTT era but now im so over her. instead perfecting her craft shes out bullying ppl, smoking, and getting drunk. who cares if shes young or not! the navy supports her no matter how bad her actions are i dont get it! this tour has been her laziest effort yet and continuously gets bad reviews yet its one of the top grossing tours. her fans supporting her bad behavior only makes her think she continue to do whatever she wants with no repercussions.


    trevon Reply:

    @Shutterbug, hah, after you’ve judged her mr/mrs perfect, you now say “please call back…” smh…


  4. I killed Ciara's career



    mellisa Reply:

    @I killed Ciara’s career, thats the navy’s favorite excuse. “she’s young” ummmm no not really. she is 25, fastly approaching 26 and will be 30 before you know it. her behaviour isnt even an age thing it is simply because in her portrayal of the bad girl image she let it become her true identity. there is a reason she has lost a ton of fans this year. i hate to say it and i hope she proves me wrong but i see the end of her reign coming soon. especially if she doesnt put out an album this year.


    cass Reply:

    @mellisa, hater be quiet. She lost alot of fans where? Her reign has just began…the best has yet to come for this young lady. Don’t yall get it? Keep talking bad about her she will continue to prosper.


    mellisa Reply:

    @cass, lol anytime someone doesnt praise her theyre labeled a hater. & YES, she has lost A LOT of fans (myself included). her reign wont last much longer because she doesnt have the talent to support it. gimmick can only take you so far ;]


  5. Frenchie97

    its gonna be #Epic


  6. soulwoman

    sorry but she is high. she can not even talk straight. sad but girl it looks like you need therapy and rehab…

    and what it this? striper and money in a video. hhmm, of course thats life for you or for regular girls and boys. damn, this is so low level.


  7. JMar

    Epic fail this gonna get banned from bet and go straight to begin she’s a little to late to make a video for a garbage song call flop it up this girl is a serious joke trying to sell her pussy to get famous this billygoat looking bitch can’t sing to save her Fucking life the video looks low budget stiff ass bitch


  8. Lily

    @shutterbag & soulwoman are already sorrowful. Poor you sorry even if she didn’t put an album this year,nothing is gonna happen,her reign will keep on soaring high. So STFU. No basic bitches.



    omg…. my bitchez twerk on water, NO BASIC !!! lol she is funny. I always hated her but i love this song and i think i will love this video too!!!


  10. Bobs

    Hotter than yo mamas fried chicken bitches!


  11. kei281

    One of my FAVORITE songs all time from her is “Rehab”. I REALLY wish RiRi would’ve collabed with JT on his latest album! He has soooo many good songs on there that I know she would sound good on.


  12. meme

    I keep expecting a peurtorican accent to come out. lol anyway so excited about this. she doesnt it like no other


  13. jeanquila

    My bitches twerk on water. NO BASICS.



  14. Chloé Magnolia

    I swear to God I’m not throwing any shots when I say this, but for her to talk about a ‘No Basic Zone’ this track is hella basic. Like, come on.

    On topic though, the video looks juicy, shameless and dope! Untouchable with the visuals.


  15. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    LOL! “I bet chu neva seen bitches twerk on water before, no basic zone, no basics!” LOL RiRi♥ xD


  16. Z

    Lol y’all seriously here commenting negatively on the woman’s decisions in life and career. At the end of it though y’all still checking her ish out, and poisoned with dirty bad-minded remarks, worry bout y’all decisions on the positive note and keep it moving.

    FYI: Negative thinking, don’t you waste your thoughts.


  17. GERAD



  18. Musicjunkiee

    no basic zone ? But u have strippers & money in the video . How many times has this been done tho . Im soo tired of her . She needs to go renew herself & comeback fresh & gimmick free ! I want her to take her craft seriously . Its like she doesnt care about anything but RIHANNA .


  19. KayKay

    The chick walking on air should have been featured more…infact all the dancers shpould have been featured more on the video.


  20. bulletooth

    I think the dancers should have been featured more as well.

    It’s funny how some of you think you know how someone else should live their life. She can’t be and won’t be what YOu want her to be.


  21. bibi93

    In love!!!


  22. Stefan

    It’s bora bora or pour it


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