Rihanna Goes Stripper Chic in ‘Pour It Up’ Video


After teasing with some photos over the weekend, Rihanna has revealed even more behind-the-scenes pics from the “Pour It Up” video. The bad gal showcases her racy look, rocking stripper heels as she sits in a throne with money piled up at her feet.

Clad in a curly blonde wig, she works the chair in different positions with dollar bills stuffed in her underwear. She flaunts her long legs and turns around to reveal her red thong poking out through her torn denim shorts.

Following some creative issues with the director, the provocative video is expected to premiere in the next week starring dancers including Nicole “The Pole” Williams.

Take another peek at RiRi’s stripper-chic video below.

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  1. mileywho

    Yeah rihanna put back miley into her place! that white cunt look so basic right now compared to this



    Not Rihanna reducing Miley Cyrus to the kuntry red neck that she is. This will be miles better than We Cant Stop & Wrecking Ball. Go Rih!


    Speechless Reply:

    @DAYUMM, So you really think a song that’s already fell off the charts is gonna outdo those 2? You navy people really are delusional.


  3. Shutterbug

    Talk about gaining the world and losing your soul…both of ‘em need to go back to their old sound from when they first got in ASAP! Otherwise, I could see ‘em join the 27 Club alongside Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and several others…


    TBear Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Not cool on that 27 club thing Miley and RiRi is not doin hard drugs like they did maybe drink and smoke weed

    PS Kurt Cobain shot himself


  4. 2bad2bme

    Rihanna and Miley in competition… fake a** britney and christina


    Sushi Reply:

    @2bad2bme, how can you compare Rihanna vs Miley to Britney vs Aguilera?

    How old are you?


  5. flaco

    this bitch is so stupid its not like the song is going to gain anything from the video because she took so long to put it out…I use to be a fan and I use to look forward to new music from Rihanna but her newer music is just shit…ill become a fan again when she goes back to make the music she first started out with.


    Shutterbug Reply:

    @flaco, Welcome to the club…we’re both “Ex-Navy”

    We’ll rejoin when she goes back to her roots.


  6. meme

    You ppl make me laugh with this “go back to you roots” bullshit. No one wants the same thing over and over again. Rihanna is in the place where she is now because of her growth. Without growth artist would fall all the way off….just look at beyonce and ciara who continue to make the same music, no one is check for them. Obviously rihanna is pleasing the masses if she progress in sales each time.


    Andy Reply:

    @meme, she’s a massive seller but I would like to hear something innovative from her.


    Keepin'It100 Reply:

    @Andy, Then stay tune!


    TruthTella Reply:

    @meme, I don’t think you should ever compare Beyonce to Ciara…EVER! Nor you should compare Beyonce to Rihanna. They are two totally different artist AND are in their own lanes. I do agree that growth is important. But by now you should realise that Rihanna sells because she’s fresh, makes hits after hits and her changing her image constantly only makes her more interesting and Beyonce again sells because she has raw talented voice, she’s phenomenal performer, doesn’t do POP and writes most of the time her own shit. You really can’t deny that.


  7. Punch U in UR sleep

    what is left for her future husband?
    this bitch has left everything out on the table…everything has been exposed…she matter as well do playboy


    TBEAR Reply:

    @Punch U in UR sleep, seeing how good her sex game is of course. she hasnt put out a sextape so we still dont know everything yet lol





  9. LaMont

    Damn, I can’t wait to see this video!


  10. poe

    cant wait! go Rhi


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