Diddy Donates $250,000 for Young Entrepreneur Education


Sean “Diddy” Combs is giving back. The richest man in hip-hop has donated his time and money to empower young entrepreneurs.

In partnership with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Combs educated tomorrow’s CEOs on how to achieve their dreams. He shared tips on how to run a business and approach life in an entrepreneurial way, and presented the non-profit organization with a check for $250,000.

“I am honored to partner with NFTE on this initiative because I am extremely proud of the work they do every day, helping over 500,000 young people reach their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs,” said Diddy. “I believe all young people should be given the opportunity to be successful and to pursue their passions and NFTE gives all kids the tools they need to be the CEOs of their future.”

The Bad Boy mogul continues to grow his empire. On Oct. 21, he will launch his Revolt TV network to Comcast and Time Warner subscribers in L.A., New York, and Chicago.

Diddy recently topped Forbes’ Cash Kings list of hip-hop’s top moneymakers with earnings of $50 million in the past year.



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  1. George



  2. bibi93



  3. Andy

    Thanks Diddy for this but America just wanna now what Miley or Bieber have done.


  4. H-Town, B*tch

    Rich Ni**a, made a Rich decision


  5. RobLeon

    A rich what? Stop using that slur and get some class.


  6. Wakeup

    Tax write off. You blacks fall for anything.


    x Reply:

    @Wakeup, tax write off or not, those kids have been helped. what have you done sir?


    RightFred Reply:


    Where’s your contribution? Too broke–again?


  7. Bryan

    Worth over 100million and all he can give is 250k. Am I the only person that thinks he could give 10 million and still be rich 200 years after his death !?


  8. Zik Ukaeje

    I have always admired Diddy for a long long time and to see him get involved in charities just proves he is a great person and wants others to succeed. He is a personal mentor of mine and I always make fine choices.



  9. Brilliant Mokosso

    Sean “Diddy” Combs is a Trailblazer. Personally he is my VM (Virtual Mentor)and youths worldwide are always looking up to him.


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