Nicki Minaj Stars in Ellen’s ‘Twerk Out’ Infomercial

Extreme Home Twerk-Out

Twerking mania is sweeping the nation. Now Nicki Minaj shares her “big ass secret” on how to twerk in a new infomercial for Ellen. Thanks to her Extreme Home Twerk Out DVD, you too can have the “perfect hourglass figure.”

“If you want to look amazing, you can’t just work out. You’ve gotta twerk out,” says the voluptuous celebrity endorser.

Plus, she shares testimonials from some satisfied twerkers. Watch them get in shape while twerking.

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  1. WELL

    Nicki does got a big ol booty.. but she is stiff as fuuuuh.. I dunno if its naturally stiff or just cuz the booty is too big lol


    tew Reply:

    @WELL, her ass is fake so who cares really.


    EV Reply:

    @tew, yep definitely gay


  2. Realistically

    Now all we need is for another America’s sweetheart to grow lochs and have all of mainstream white America fascinated with it! Whooooooo cultural appropriation!


  3. Girl Bye



  4. jaykush

    Her breast and ass look like them balls in the background im just saying


  5. Ohhh Yes Honey

    LMFAO Right RighTTTTT


  6. jonnyjon

    Ellen just read the shit out nicki and put her in the skit hahahahah


  7. Oh

    Noooo her “big ass secret” is going to a plastic surgeon & getting surgery!


  8. bibi93

    Fire Burns


  9. BadBitch Syndrome

    As much as people hat on Nicki and say they don’t care for her, they always seem to find themselves on post about her.

    Always saying negative shit / every1 knows her shit is fake but who the fuck cares. All u bitches say she fake but y’all were weaves n shit too. Nicki’s accolades speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like as long as ur heart is in the right place.


    Jonathan Reply:

    @BadBitch Syndrome, But they don’t hear us though, all these bitches deaf as shit.


  10. Onika Miraj

    Beyonce got a nose, lip, and boob job.
    Lil Kim got a nose job, lip job, boob job, ass shots, and everything else job.
    Tamar Braxton had a nose job
    Kelly Rowland got breast implants
    Toni Braxton had a nose job
    Wendy Williams also got an everything job.
    Queen Latifah got a boob job

    but y’all wanna freak out because nicki got ass shots. Plus, that’s the only thing she’s gotten anything like that for. Her nose has always been pointed and downward, she just starting contouring it. She always had huge boobs and you guys act like push-up bras don’t exist.


    Oh Reply:

    @Onika Miraj, you mad ho?


    Bobby Reply:

    @Onika Miraj, I want receipts of Beyoncé’s nose lip and boob job … I don’t see it. I also would like to see receipts of the “bleach” she puts on her skin. Also that surrogate she “paid” to have her baby. Yes receipts of all of this would be great.


    Onika Miraj Reply:

    @Bobby, bitch she admitted to getting work done.
    but the bleach and the baby thing are stupid rumors i never even said they are true.

    @oh, i ain’t mad i’m stating facts.


  11. shants

    @Onika Miraj, thank you finally someone that has common sense on here


  12. Jonathan

    Damn haters chill yo! I know you all haven’t had a Nicki post in a day or two, but it’s just a comedic sketch. And in regards to her ass, what is the big deal? She had ass shots and has never denied it, some of ya’ll faves is the epitome of broke down mountains whose face, lips and tits are steadily being penetrated by needles. So chill, Minaj looks beyond sexy with her inflated buttocks . GOSH


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Jonathan, lmfaoooo “some of ya’ll faves is the epitome of broke mountains” lmfaooo


  13. H-Town, B*tch

    Twerk Nicki… Twerk


  14. Brandon

    I love Nicki to death but be HONEST! Her ass is not all she’s had done. She def had her breast done and her teeth! But either way she’s beautiful I don’t think she needed any of the work done tbh


  15. Muzzy

    It’s like a cement going up and down. Ho is trying too hard. Lmao poor sicki. Iggy bout to snatch that spot. You ain’t white enough! Lol so bleach away. Flop!


  16. Checory

    I know for a FACT the TEETH have been done!!


  17. OnlyChrisJ

    I’ve Met Nicki Twice and I’ll Just Say Everything On Her Body Looks Perfect and It Fits Her Body The TV Just Put Extras On It


  18. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Omg lmfao!!!! Love this so funny xD!!!! Nicki got all that ass and y’all hating!!!! I would soooooooooooo buy this DVD!


  19. nicko

    Lmaoo I love her !


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