Pusha T Weighs In on Drake’s ‘Nothing Was the Same’

Pusha T and Drake are releasing albums within weeks of each other. So is there a competition brewing? During his interview with Rap-Up TV, the “Nosetalgia” rapper shared his thoughts on Drizzy’s latest album Nothing Was the Same.

“I think he got some cool joints up there,” said Pusha, whose debut My Name Is My Name arrives Tuesday.

But that doesn’t mean he sees him as a threat. “I don’t think me and him are in the same lane,” he continued. “I don’t wanna do any of that.”

He welcomes the rivalry, but shrugs off any comparisons. “I think we’re polar opposites, really. Polar opposites who can rap,” said Push. “The attitude of mine and the attitude of his, people wanna compare that. It’s cool. I think it’s good for hip-hop. People always compare, but if you ask me, nah.”

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  1. Miguel

    …it’s truly apples & oranges. there is no comparison.


  2. Rob

    Apples and oranges , but I’d listen I Drake before Pusha . All he raps about is crack and his bars is mostly drug metaphors . I fucks w/ him but it’s to many people talking about what he talking about


  3. Massacred

    Just damn,

    In a year ladled with some major hip hop releases, Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name, some how managed to buck both the trend as well as every other release and become what I consider to the best release of the year so far. In many ways it is Yeezus, done right and the other half reeks of raw untouchable metaphors and lyrical skill. Pusha T has undoubtedly begun to cement himself amongst the top of his class along with Kendrick Lamar as a real quality artist.

    Every track feels carefully though out and is mechanically sound, while all featured artist are utilized to their max potential and enhance the mood and style of the album. (Especially Kendrick Lamar on Nostalgia)

    I simply cannot heap this album enough praise.

    Really the only issue I have with the album are the additions of MC’s Big Sean and 2 Chainz, neither of which are lyrics skilled enough to stand with Pusha T. Both of their versus feel awkward and unintentionally funny when stacked with Pusha T.

    4.5/5 surely Classic in the making.


    Ces1ne? Reply:

    @Massacred, right there with u…..been saying for months that Push gonna quietly drop the LP of the year with MNIMN. After years of near flawless verses, it’s good to see dude finally get some respect……..King Push!


  4. H-Town, B*tch

    Damn!! He knows that Drake is better than him. The Ni**a is running away from the competition like a coward. lol


  5. Shae

    I respect the fact that he gives credit when it’s due.


  6. K.MOB

    They two different MCs never to be compared,from mainly their concepts,so i guess its safe to say Push’s right….Team Drizzy


  7. drizzle

    man drake is pop music. push is rap in it’s purest form, authentic. hov the last greatest crossover but these two couldn’t be more different.


  8. drizzle

    7 years ago pusha released hhnf and drake was on degrassi, y’all do the math. #FOH


  9. denny

    Yea I love the ‘sweet serenade’ track + pusha got a good silky rap voice… Let’s see the numbers he puts it though.. Cos like drake says ‘n**as downplay the money …when their money’s down’.
    Kendrick better go beg for forgiveness… He aint on Drake & j.cole level & after all they done for the dude he mentions their names alongside very ‘inferior’ artist. #smh


    .boi. Reply:

    @denny, obviously u haven’t heard much from KL if you are saying he not on drake or jcole level. Yall niggas need to stop sensationalizing these rappers. Drake is no better than your average mc, his flow is nice but u making it seem like he schooling niggas, NO. That would be the job of KL who speaks on every issue imaginable and still keeps it gutta. Drake on the other hand, talks about the same ish on every album: random girls, how ppl in his past hurt his feeling, how rappers don’t compare… same ish different toilet!


    denny Reply:

    @.boi., smiled reading ur comment bro… What exactly does kendrick rap about? Yea he’s good but being a rapper aint all about good ‘flow’. The rap game is & always been about bragging rights! And what’s the ish? Album sales, sponsorships, diamonds etc.
    Kendrick only got ONE good album… Jusr ONE! & he wanna ‘destabilise’ dis new era where rappers are more or less keeping it real with each other doing alotta colabos to ‘support’ eachother… Guess you one of those who feel rap should remain all bout ‘ACTING’ hard, tough & bulletproof. Guess what? That’s played out man, we all know they fakes who did a lil illegal ish (yes) but NOTHING major! anyone can get shot bro. Even small timers so please ya’ll stop the drake is p#ssy he aint a HOOD nigga. & his verses on stay scheming & aston martin music show he can spit some top bars.. Even did a better verse on ‘FUCKING PROBLEMs’ than K-dot.
    I love both of em, buh bro. If kendrick wanna bcum number 1? He gotta DO it & Not talk about doing it!


  10. kB

    Much love and respect for Kdot on his verses but I don’t know what he normally raps about hey,I think Drake his predicting hip hop on how its gonna sound in future,ask urself how many rappers sing n rap at the same time,its quiet clear majority of the rappers are following in Drakes footsteps. Either way Drake is more intelligent than this niggas


  11. jj

    drake raps bout the same thing though, kendrick rapped about the struggles of compton growing up in gang violence and watching murders at the age of 9, alcohol related issues etc etc the list is endless, go listen to section.80 that shits on every drake album/mixtape ever released. To suggest drake is more intelligent is wrong too…eminem was the first and the original creative mastermind behind what you call quote on quote singing, besides drake can’t sing for shit


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