Miley Cyrus Hosts and Performs on ‘SNL’

Miley Cyrus

There was no twerking or licking of sledgehammers during Miley Cyrus’ appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” The pop star avoided controversy while hosting and performing on this weekend’s episode. During her monologue, she addressed her VMA performance, Hannah Montana (“She was murdered”), and twerking.

“In case anyone’s concerned, there will be no twerking tonight,” said Miley. “I used to think twerking was cool, but now that white people are doing it, it seems kind of lame.”

She played a slutty Michelle Bachmann in a sketch called “We Did Stop,” which parodied the government shutdown by recreating her racy music video. Other skits featured her as Hilary Clinton and a hip-hop-obsessed high school student.

In anticipation of Tuesday’s release of her album Bangerz, she performed her No. 1 single “Wrecking Ball” and an acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop.”

Watch highlights and the full episode below.

VMAs Backstage


“Wrecking Ball”

“We Can’t Stop”

“We Did Stop”

Full Episode

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  1. FlySly

    she did a great job. i love the raspyness in her voice


    chris_shorts Reply:

    @FlySly, i couldnt agree more she really showed america how much she has her career and the audience under control

    ,, n the funny thing is she was like shes gonna be more outrageous than ever in an interview a little before tonight and she was so normal and relatable.


  2. above-par

    delivery was on point.


  3. troof

    Try and hate on this faggots


  4. fa

    It is important to create contrasts.
    It is not about a single moment in an artists career but the body of work.
    If there is one thing they have all learned from the god mother of pop Madonna, it is the fact that in order to create a great ballad and an emotional and serious vibe (Live to Tell, Substitute for Love , Bad Girl, Rain etc.) , it is important to have the fun and playful tracks too (Holiday, Music, Vogue ,Into The Groovce, True Blue,Hung up etc.)
    They owe everything they have today to Madonna!
    The one big issue at hand: Lack of creative songwriting, timeless production value and how to balance a lack of talent with content or presentation!
    I could’nt care less for Mily but it is great to see her ”sing”!


  5. Lil' Kim's Ken Doll

    She may be in tabloids.. but this girl is TALENTED
    take away all the mess and she can still SING.
    i love and respect her for that
    such a powerful voice and im loving her country soul still being there


  6. Oh

    Reminds me of Gwen Stefani





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