Diddy’s Daughters Make Runway Debut

Diddy and daughters

Diddy may be No. 1 on Forbes Cash Kings list, but nothing could put a bigger smile on his face than seeing his daughters make their runway debut. The hip-hop mogul’s six-year-old twins, D’Lila and Jesse Combs, and daughter Chance walked in the Swarovski show during New York Kids Fashion Week on Saturday.

The pint-sized models ripped the runway in Ooh! La, La! Couture as their proud father looked on. Their mothers, Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman, as well as Diddy’s own mom Janice Combs were also in attendance and posed for a family portrait.

“My 3 little super models #ProudDad …I’m really in trouble! No for real. No dating till you’re 25!!! Haa lol,” tweeted Diddy. “Words can’t explain how proud I am of my young ladies ! There’s no greater feeling #fact.”

See more pics of the happy family.

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    I envy this man!


  2. killing it

    These girls are the same age with different mamas. How trifling is that?


  3. truth

    wow those are some ugly ass daughters!, lucky for them their father has millions of dollars…..lol


    chris Reply:

    @truth, I’m failing to see the humour in this…


  4. mumi

    SO ugly daughters.


  5. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Lord I don’t like to talk about nobody kids but… THEM GIRLS IS UGLY!!!!! The only cute one is Chance Combs, them other two look ugly I’m sorry… but w/e they daddy is rich so they can fix them self if they still look ugly when they grow up. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it though…


  6. Yikez ohhwee

    Ewwww his daughters are butt fukn fugly honey. ohh my, i dnt care how much millions u have, u still cnt fiz their faces.


  7. will

    they are cute come on


  8. jj

    I bet the same ones on here talking about these kids being ugly, probably look like they got hit by a damn truck these kids have more money than any of you will ever see in your patheic lives and they are cute so dont hate on little kids who cant defend themselves against a bunch of idiots who hide behind a computer screen.


  9. re

    to all you insecure dark skin men, well at least the ugly ones…just cause you impregnate some light skin bitch does not mean you children are gonna be cute


  10. Righteous

    What kind of a person goes online and insults children based on their looks………..A REALLY FU**!NG UGLY, VINDICTIVE, WASTE OF SPACE! Y’all need to SHOW YOURSELVES so that we can make judgements on what is, MOST LIKELY,Going to
    Be like shooting fish in a barrel!


  11. Cyndu

    I think all 3 girls are cute and very confident. I’m sure all the parents and siblings are raising these precious sisters up to be wise and strong. Sadly I think people are attacking innocent children cause it’s Kim and Sarah, and not Cassie. You guys are petty, but that’s how superficial the world is today.


  12. Ugly Daughters

    Just cause your rich dont mean shyt, you can still have ugly ass children point blank period



    those are CHILDREN! they will come into their beauty. yall are so messy for talking about his children like that. or any child.


  14. HoneyBFly

    they kind of look like lil boys


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