Miley Cyrus Performs on ‘Today’ Show, Addresses Sinead O’Connor Feud

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus kicked off her Bangerz release with a visit to “Today.” Fresh off her “SNL” appearance, the pop star shut down Rockefeller Plaza with a performance of her hits including “Party in the USA” and “Wrecking Ball.” Accompanied by some twerking little people and dancing rainbows and mushrooms, she also delivered her Mike Will Made-It-produced hit “We Can’t Stop.”

“This is just who I am,” said Miley about her controversial image. “It’s only hard if you’re trying to be something you’re not. Being who you are is really easy, if you’re really true to that.”

During her sit-down with Matt Lauer, she addressed her feud with Sinead O’Connor. “I think she’s an incredible artist, I think she’s an awesome songwriter, and I was really inspired by her for my ‘Wrecking Ball’ video,” said Miley. “I don’t know how someone can start a fight with somebody by saying, ‘Hey, I really respect you and I really love what you did … you know what, you suck.’ That was kind of crazy.”

She plans to tour next year, but for now she’s just living in the moment. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life, so I’m really happy to be here.”

Watch Miley bring the party to Rockefeller Plaza.


“We Can’t Stop”

“Wrecking Ball”

“Party in the USA”

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  1. Jay

    Soooooo basically she’s admitting that she’s always been ratchet? Lol i love the fact she doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her, TURN UP MILEY!


  2. BadBitch Syndrome

    Sinead O’Connor was just trying to tell this girl that the industry will use u for what u got then when shit happens they’ll drop u and let u suffer while they still collect millions. Just basically don’t be a sellout.

    Then Miley did what every young person would do, she took it the wrong way and felt like she was trying to be told what to do by a old person, then fired back


  3. poe

    so lovin her right now. album is great


  4. lala

    she is NOT BEING HERSELF she just want that good girl bad image that’s it. she is doing exactly what christina Aguilera did, remember she was from Disney too then went bad then turned back to a good girl. watch after this album and tour she’ll go back to be a good girl. she is just a mixture of Rihanna and madonna put together. you can grow up without being slutty example BEYONCE


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @lala, i don’t think Beyonce is a GREAT example….even though she is a good girl and a great role model she is also looked at as a SEX SYMBOL. and i’m sure if she[Miley] did try to be naturally sexy that she’d probably still get slammed just because she was Hannah Montana


    what Reply:

    @lala, sorry, bad example. look at how beyonce dresses that’s pretty slutty as well. except, beyonce has it. miley doesn’t


  5. Wow

    “She’s the happiest she’s ever been?”
    I bet Liam’s happy the engagement got called off .


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