New Music: R. Kelly – ‘Cookie’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly feeds his sexual appetite on “Cookie,” the latest release from his upcoming album Black Panties, due Nov. 11. Following his slow jam “Genius,” the self-described “Cookie Monster” shows just how freaky he can be on the Auto-Tuned banger.

“I love to lick the middle like an Oreo/ Turn up/ I want to bite it and get inside it till I get you gone,” he sings.

Crack open Kellz’ cookie jar and indulge in his sweet treat.

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  1. Righteous

    State sanctioned paedophile.


    Jay Reply:

    @Righteous, and you’re a state sanctioned retard.


    Righteous Reply:

    @Jay,What fcuk!ng use are you …….to any thing ?!!….. You redundant splatter of NOTHING.


  2. Miszi

    Genius was great, this one is just distasteful when it comes to lyrics (funny cause it’s called a cookie).


  3. KellZgirl69

    Lol! I Loved It! It was Nasty & Comical just like the 12 Play Album Kellz Raunchy Lyrics we love are back! Lol now excuse me while I go & change my black panties , lol after listening to that song , yeah I’m like DuncAn Hines! Hahahaha love you Robbie! Lady G!


  4. D. kells

    Kells being one of your biggest fans this song sucks. I hate that you keep using auto tune which you do not need. Please stop using that auto tune crap, there is no need to soubd like the wack R&B crap on the radio now stick to your great singing and if this is gonna be 12 play 2013 then this song is not even close to 12 play back in the 90′s. Genius and My Story I like very much but this song is terrible. I’m a huge Kells fan and always will be and I know your album will be good but no more auto tune and go back to the Kells who sang and made songs such as 12 play, you remind me of something, I mean (I don’t mean it), dedicated and honey love now that’s the Kells I know. You don’t have to turn into this 2013 R&B rap and pop crap on the radio give us that smooth Kells that I know. King Of R&B show us why you earned that name and right and why you owned the R&B game bring back the pied piper.


  5. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I actually like the song, it’s just a little creepy lol.


  6. Derro

    When i first heard the snippet i thought this would be wack, but its actually a legit banger. Got this on repeat


  7. Sheila

    I love it! Kellz is so nasssty; in the best way possible, and that’s all good with me. lol It’s a banger! Got it on repeat now.


  8. Nicole

    This song is just nasty.Where is the R. Kelly that I know and love.You know,the Bump and Grind R.Kelly.Please bring him back.He was much more the lover type.This R. Kelly is the I want to fuck you type.Where is the love in that?


  9. Dontrell

    R.KELLY, I have been following you since you began street performing in the subway trains in Chicago..Since you began writing songs for the r&b group Hi 5..indeed…I’m a true fan of your music and I love your creativity on your up coming album…BLACK Panties!! Cookie is a hit,too!!:) ..and for all the real R.KELLY fans…..together…..let’s continue to support….THE KING OF R&B!!!…Chi-Town….Stand up…..and salute one of the best who ever blew his voice into a microphone in a form of….R&B Music!!!….auto tune or not….R.Kelly still knows how to create….hit records!!!…..much love my brother!!!….continue to do you….and smile at the…….Haters!!


  10. The Shaded Truth

    R. Kelly does no wrong! …oops, accept that case.


  11. Kenyon Green

    The G.O.A.T.


  12. mp3HQ

    R. Kelly – Cookie…

    R. Kelly (Robert Sylvester Kelly) dropped seine neue Single “Cookie”. Das Lied stammt aus dem Studioalbum “Black Panties”, welches am 10.12.2013 erschienen ist. In den Black Charts kann sich “Cookie” bereits beweißen…

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