Lauryn Hill Thanks Fans in Open Letter

Lauryn Hill

Days after being released from prison, Lauryn Hill is speaking out and showing her appreciation. The Fugees frontwoman has penned a “letter of recognition” to her supporters.

In the handwritten note, which she posted on her blog and later deleted, she thanks everyone who sent her letters, packages, and books while she was serving three months behind bars for tax evasion.

“Know that many of your letters not only touched me, but continued to confirm for me what I already knew but needed to hear again: that sincere expression has a serious purpose,” said a grateful Ms. Hill. “If one of you had been touched, picked up, encouraged, or prevented from succumbing from some measure of social or spiritual decline, then it was worth it.”

She also called out specific individuals for their “words of encouragement and support.”

The 38-year-old singer has been confined to three months of home detention as part of her sentence. According to TMZ, she wants to go on tour from Nov. 15 through Dec. 31. A judge has reportedly granted her request, but she must approve the itinerary with her probation officer.

On the eve of her release, she debuted a new song called “Consumerism” inspired by her recent experiences.

Read Ms. Hill’s full letter below.

Lauryn Hill Letter

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  1. Max

    She hasn’t had a successful song in fifteen years. Fifteen. She had one album ever. Why are we still referencing her?


    mumi Reply:

    @Max, because you see…. with only ONE SINGLE solo album she showed the world what she really can and what she can do if she really wants. She has great talent and an amazing voice and many fans are just waiting for her next album to drop.


    Andy Reply:

    @mumi, she’s a legend but people like you have to understand that nobody is really interested in her, just her fans. Her latest songs aren’t good and aren’t going to make any success but I believe Hill doesn’t care about that.

    She will perform, gain some money and then will left for other fifteen years.


  2. Rocky

    I hope her album drops this year caus it’s the only thing i can see topping Pusha T for rap album of the year



    Tired of these letters, can we get some music please, some music that we can understand at that.


  4. Bobby

    I no longer wish to read nor write on the comments on this website. The ignorance is astronomical. Lauryn Hill is a legend off one album .. Most of the people on this site I feel like are 15 so they would never understand her impact.


    Devastaion_Negative Reply:


    I was thinking and feeling the same way and than I thought that haters must love to be heard, no matter how misinformed they are it’s seems to be celebrated, and we who love artists like lauryn hill have to express our appreciation.. we really don’t need or have to argue about her value.. She herself wrote…….

    Messages like these I imagine find their audience, or their audience finds them, like water seeking it’s level.”
    - Ms. Lauryn Hill

    Some of her lyrics are:

    -juvenile, no education, Mental castration, a generation forced to labor for a nation
    -Helping people cope, selling dope from a new trope
    Synthetic hope, life spent walking on a tightrope
    -Corporate cannibalism, psychological limitations
    Allow no imitations, competition, closed assumption
    Parasitism, negative simulation…… Consumerism

    I love and I think others appreciate and value her songs because they speak to the times we are living in and she has an artist perspective on it.. like Gil Scott Heron, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and they cannot be judged or measured by popularity or how many songs are sold or awards they receive because they are artists that bring a different kind of wealth to our society and culture.

    So we who appreciate our artists need to continue to comment and celebrate too!


    jovannah Reply:

    @Devastaion_Negative, cosign


  5. jabb

    she had four ablums by the way


  6. Raj

    Now, if only she would repay the fans with music the majority of us truly want to hear. “Neurotic Society” & “Consumerism” aren’t it, although I’m sure playing it on a loop all day long would be more effective in getting information out of folks than Guantanamo Bay.


  7. Karmakarmakarma

    Accept and Respect the fact that she is a legend. One of the ulitmate singers if all time. She is the queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Accept that no one can beat her voice skills and on the top of that she has the exactly same level in rappin AND singing. No one do the both with the same level.
    She s a writer composer producer used to be a hit maker. Fashion icon, Black icon, Soul icon, Hip-Hop icon, Gospel icon, Supa mama …., and more.


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