Naya Rivera Gushes About Big Sean: ‘He Is Such a Casanova’

After only six months of dating, Big Sean popped the question to his “Glee” star girlfriend Naya Rivera. With a big rock on her hand, the newly-engaged actress-singer gushed about her romantic fiancé to Rap-Up TV.

“He is such a casanova,” said a blushing Naya, who reveals that the rapper makes her breakfast and even sings to her (Her single “Sorry” is his preference).

In return, she sings Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and Sean’s own music. “I rap a lot of Hall of Fame songs to him,” said Naya.

When it comes to the music industry, Naya turns to her man for advice. “I’m always asking him what should be my next move or should I do this or should I do that,” she said. “He gives me great advice. He’s been through it.”

So could we be seeing Sean on an episode of “Glee”? “He’s like the biggest Gleek now. … He should be the newest glee club member. He wouldn’t be able to go on tour anymore, so he wouldn’t want that,” she laughed.

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  1. rachel

    This couple is too cute…I wish them all the luck.


  2. Meme

    I’m not one to bad mouth relationships but I can guarantee u next this time they well not be together.


    Frankie Reply:

    @Meme, Got that right! Seems so forced.


  3. Billy

    Nice choice Sean..Naya is so fucking hot!


  4. Billy

    Good choice Sean..Naya is so fucking hot!


  5. Billy

    Good choice Sean.Naya is so hot!


  6. Rimi

    She comes off as soo desperate and wanting that publicity..this relationship seems sooo PR!

    Ive notice celebs in real relationships dont go on and on about their love life for the public and media.


    Jim Reply:

    @Rimi, she’s not going on and on, the interviewer asked her about the relationship and she answered. She actually seemed to not wanna say too much besides what she already said in other interviews. Come on.


  7. Nathan

    Brilliant marketing scheme.


  8. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    I love them together, I really do! But…only 6 months and you already popped the question? It may seem all good and happy now, but they will fade away slowly and they will start to hate each other probably since they only been together 6 months, your suppose to find out what that person truly acts like before you ask them to marry you. But I wish them the best of luck, maybe it will work out for them. Naya is a beautiful woman, and Big Sean is cute!


  9. Hector

    She must be sucking his dick off.


  10. KayKay

    People give out rings like they’re giving out flowers these days. They don’t take time out to really consider because they can always get divorced. Our parents stay married for years but that’s not the game anymore.


  11. Kaidence

    Something rubs me the wrong way abt her. I’ve seen alot of ppl on msg boards saying “why is she with him, she’s out of his league and exactly who is he” actually he is better known than her across the board and alot of ppl now know who she is through big sean. Yes she is on glee but she still isn’t as well known as him. I think they make a cute couple, but she threw me off with the whole song going at big sean’s ex gf. Artists make songs based off their past experiences especially relationships. He made a song basically saying he’ll always love this ex gf for all they’ve been through together but isn’t in love with her he just respect the time they once shared and is still in a good place with her so Naya goes off saying she has the ring the ex will never be in his life again etc. Showed a lack of maturity on her part. Like for rral focus on what yall have and a healthy marriage to come. Btw I do think 6 months is a short time to get engaged but its not like they’re abt to get married next month lol. Most ppl are enfaged for a yr or 2 before actually walking down the aisle. I think they will be fine. Btw have yall seen her mom sweetie yall can tell she has blk ancestry. Naya is pr and blk she just basically views herself as latina because she said those are the roles she is given and thats what most ppl view her as.


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