Rap-Up TV: Pusha T Explains Why He Has the Album of the Year

Pusha T has declared My Name Is My Name the best rap album of the year, and hip-hop fans will get to decide for themselves when his solo debut arrives in stores and online today. During his interview with Rap-Up TV, the G.O.O.D. Music MC backed up his lofty claim.

“Lyrically, My Name Is My Name is untouchable,” said a confident Pusha. “Production-wise, it is definitely the best produced album of the year by far. Ultimately, it’s the only album to me that really restores the feeling of hip-hop. I think everything else is easy listening. I feel like mine really makes you put an ‘S’ on your chest and calls for a course of action. It’s music you can front to, like LL [Cool J] would have said back then.”

In addition to “Sweet Serenade” featuring Chris Brown and the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Nosetalgia,” the album features Rick Ross, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kelly Rowland, and The-Dream.

“It’s car music,” explained Pusha. “It’s roll down all the windows in your car and ride past the club three times before you get out so everybody knows what you listening to ’cause that music describes you and it makes you feel like something. I feel like that’s a win for me.”

Does King Push have the album of the year? Sound off below.

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  1. Quinn



  2. Eric

    You cant dub yourself album of the year…


  3. killacam

    But it is a really good album, hes right the production on there is crazy. The only thing thats missing in my opinion is that pusha t sounds a bit monotone at times, and flow is the same on every song.


    BadBitch Syndrome Reply:

    @killacam, exactly his flow sounds the same on every song to me, that’s why I can’t get into his music


    Truth Reply:

    @BadBitch Syndrome, So your telling me his flow sounds the same on Let Me Love You With kelly Rowland??? You obviously didnt listen to the whole album because he switched his flow up completely to sound like mase.


    BadBitch Syndrome Reply:

    @Truth, so u telling me that I need to listen to a song where he sounds like somebody else instead of finding his own innovative sound….


  4. Vivian74



  5. fela

    not agree with king push his album is too short the are good one by one but hawe no link and too much feat on it even if he don’t sing hooks


  6. Issa

    It’s a telling mark that the artists whose albums ARE AOTY worthy have not hyped them up as such.


  7. ODUTest

    Cute protoman look!


  8. Dashingngk

    The nigga z not bad guys BT for the album of the year…?


  9. Ghetto Heisman

    It’s definitely one of the best. Best lyrically? Yeah. Best production? I think that goes to “Yeezus”, but I can see where he’s coming from. It depends on how you look at it. As far as pure, uncommercial, real, hip-hop. Yes. Hell yes. Album is crazy!


    Manidfred Reply:

    @Ghetto Heisman, The thing is about half of this album is Yeezus… but done better because Push has the dexterity to compliment the tracks.

    This is the perfect examples of the 90′s and modern production colliding and producing unquestionable greatness.


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