Justin Timberlake Tops Charts with ‘The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2’

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is two for two. The pop megastar scores his second No. 1 album this year with The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2.

The follow-up to March’s The 20/20 Experience enters the Billboard 200 albums chart at No. 1 with 350,000 sold in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Its platinum predecessor also debuted at No. 1, selling 968,000 copies and earning the best sales week of 2013.

A grateful JT thanked his fans on Twitter. “What a year this has been. I’m so thankful for all of it. You guys/gals make me work harder and strive to be better. 2 #1′s?! #bestfansever,” he said.

Last week’s chart-topper, Drake, falls to No. 2 with his third album Nothing Was the Same. The Canadian rapper sold 148,000 copies in his second week, down 78% from the previous week.

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde enters at No. 3 with her full-length debut, Pure Heroine, which opened with 129,000 copies.

Other entries this week include Nelly, whose seventh album M.O. arrives at No. 14 with 15,000 copies, marking the lowest debut of his career.

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  1. Brian

    People really thought he will do it again? This was just because he was years away from the scene and now people getting tired of him and he is starting to flop again.


    Manuel Mexico Reply:

    @Brian, 350,000 is no where close to a flop in its first week. With his label and management supporting him, especially with all of their marketing strategies, he never was and never will be a flop.


    BUT UH Reply:


    Im VERY sure the label knew the second album wouldnt do as good as the first. I mean its obvious with ANY product.
    As for him flopping? If he flopped being at #1 then so did everybody else that placed after him.
    In other words your retarded


  2. Chicago

    Since when is first week sales of 300k for an r&b album considered a flop? true its not the 900k, but this album still has great numbers and clearly he is still WINNING! and what albums have you sold Brian? where is your millions? ILLL WAITTTTTTTTT!!!


    ImpVII Reply:

    @Chicago, he is not r&b !!


    Quinn Reply:

    @ImpVII, Justin Timberlake is a pop and R&B singer. Clean your ears out.


  3. Cali kid

    If you think 350k in first week of sales is a flop then you know NOTHING about the record industry! This album is another success for JT! Congrats! :)


  4. troof

    Since we’re talkin bout flops:
    Beyonce sold 310,000 copies first week.


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @troof, actually beyonce’s 4 debuted w/ 321,000 week 1 and remained #1 for 3 consecutive weeks. alot of people debut @ #1 but fail to maintain it whereas beyonce’s albums hold that spot for a couple of weeks at least. The same can be said for justin, part 1 of the 20/20 charted @ #1 and stayed there for 2 consecutive weeks. Of course 1 was going to be bigger than 2 because he was just back w/ 1 & the promo was alot grander. NO ONE in the business can say they’ve had the year this guy has had … 2 #1 albums one of which is the best selling of 2013, sold out stadium tour, hosting the highest rated SNL show in 2 years (which had alot to do w/ him) & setting up shop on a successful talk show for a full week. #legittalent


  5. Speechless

    2 #1 albums in 6 months. You cant shade that. But lol @ drake’s 2nd week drop.


    ccine Reply:

    @Speechless, ummm drake’s second week is better than most rappers first week #fuckOuttaHere


  6. Jey

    We talking Flop and Jt the subject and not nelly lol ok twisted Jt a smart dude who sold 900k+ First week this year after him? True enough because he been gone I agree but I’m quite sure we all knew it wasn’t go happen that 2 nod time in a row. Possible but let’s be logical. Good Job JT


  7. Frank

    Great job by JT! And, that’s too bad for Nelly. His album actually has some great songs on it.


  8. Ice

    I’m just happy Lorde sold decent, she deserves it!


  9. bibi93



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