Tracklisting: Lady Gaga – ‘ARTPOP’


Lady Gaga doesn’t do normal. The eccentric pop star employed an unconventional method to reveal the 15 tracks on her third album ARTPOP. She commissioned a mural by her most dedicated Los Angeles fans known as the L.A. Rivington Rebels, who’ve been sleeping outside of her studio for the past month.

In addition to the hit single “Applause,” the follow-up to 2011′s Born This Way includes tracks such as “Aura,” “Swine,” and “Donatella,” which was named after the Versace designer. R. Kelly guests on “Do What U Want,” while T.I., Too $hort, and Twista rap on “Jewels N’ Drugs.”

“It’s definitely a love affair with electronic music,” said Gaga, who wrote over 70 songs for the album. “I wanted to make sure that it was chock-full of pop hits for my fans. This album start to finish can be played in a club. It’s a really great time.”

ARTPOP arrives Nov. 11. See the tracklisting below.

ARTPOP Tracklisting

1. “Aura”
2. “Venus”
3. “G.U.Y.”
4. “Sexxx Dreams”
5. “Jewels N’ Drugs” feat. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista
7. “Do What U Want” feat. R. Kelly
9. “Swine”
10. “Donatella”
11. “Fashion!”
12. “Mary Jane Holland”
13. “Dope”
14. “Gypsy”
15. “Applause”

ARTPOP Tracklisting

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  1. JLo

    doesn’t GUY stand for girl under you?


    Jessie J Reply:

    @JLo, no, it’s guy under you


    Britney Jo Reply:

    @Jessie J, she later corrected it to girl under you on twitter


  2. Jessie J

    only interested in Aura, Sexxx Dreams, Jewels N’ Drugs, ARTPOP & Fashion! #Fan?


  3. Britney Jo

    She already has a song called ‘Fashion’, a soundtrack for a movie. Now she has written another ‘Fashion!’


    Sushi Reply:

    @Britney Jo, but it’s “Fashion!” with an exclamation point ;) lol


  4. Bobs



  5. Allen J

    wow r kelly is on the album EPIC


  6. Andy

    love gaga but that mural is horrible


    NEUTRON Reply:

    @Andy, looooool the fans in the photo did that.


  7. channel_ROMAN

    Where’s the Beyoncé collab?


  8. Kyle

    I’m excited to hear this!


  9. bibi93

    Can’t wait!!


  10. @Princejawsh

    I’m buying PRISM.


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