Kanye West Appears on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West

Following their public showdown, Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel put their differences aside and came face-to-face on Wednesday night. With Kim Kardashian and his daughter North West in attendance, the dapper rapper (dressed in Ralph Lauren) sat down with Kimmel for a lengthy and passionate interview.

After replaying the parody that ignited their feud, the camera cut to ‘Ye, who appeared to be laughing. He assured viewers that it was not a publicity stunt. “I’ve never done a publicity stunt in my life,” he said.

Kanye explained that he was upset after seeing the skit and wasn’t able to watch it in its entirety because he was so infuriated. So he called Jimmy, who he had met before at a wedding, to air out his grievances, but it soon got out of hand.

“It kinda elevated from a call that we just had as men,” said Yeezy. “At a certain point, these egos can flare up and we kinda just took it back to high school for a little bit.”

Kimmel explained his side of the story and sympathized with Kanye. “A lot of times, I think you bring it on yourself, this misunderstanding of you. I don’t know if you know this. A lot of people think you’re a jerk,” said Kimmel.

“I’m not running for office,” said ‘Ye. “I’m just here to make good music, make people feel good when they hear my music. When I did that interview, I was really vocal about a lot of things that I’d been dealing with over the past 10 years. For me, I’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it. I know you’re not supposed to say that about yourself and I say things the wrong way a lot of times, but my intention is always positive. I want to bring more things to the world, I want to help the world. I want to make people’s lives easier.”

He revealed that he spent two of his checks as a telemarketer on a pair of Gucci slippers. “For me, I care about cool stuff. It means something to me, it means something to a lot of people that are like me. And that’s what I was talking about on the Zane interview.”

He’s unafraid to speak his mind no matter what repercussions he may face. “I wouldn’t even say that I’m a rapper. I would say I’m more of a messenger than a rapper,” he said. “If you guys look at the Zane interview, it’s really something extremely fearless for someone in my position to do because most people just bow down to TV, bow down to these cameras. I could care less about any of these cameras in all honesty. All I care about is my family, I care about protecting my girl, protecting my baby, and protecting my ideas and my dreams, and that’s the reason why I went so crazy.”

The music mastermind once again compared himself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and other visionaries. “I’m totally weird and I’m totally honest, and I’m totally inappropriate sometimes. For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.”

He also revealed that the Hollywood Walk of Fame wouldn’t give Kim a star because she’s on reality TV. “People are so, so dated and not modern. There’s no way a Kim Kardashian shouldn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame. It’s ridiculous old concepts,” said ‘Ye to applause from the audience.

Kimmel congratulated him on the birth of his daughter and presented him with a pair of leather jogging pants.

Kanye got more intense as the interview went on, running past his allotted time and into the musical guest’s slot. “Even as a celebrity, I’ve reached a ceiling. And the way paparazzi talk to me and my family is disrespectful. We bring something of joy to the world. When people hear my music, they have a good time and I should be respected as such when I walk down the street. Don’t ask me a question about something you saw in the tabloids. Don’t try to antagonize me because you know what, it’s not safe for you in this zoo. Never think that I’m not from Chicago for one second and think you can walk up and disrespect me and my family.”

Watch Yeezus state his case in the full interview below.

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  1. guest

    smart move on kanye’s part for going on the show and FINALLY being able to share his awesomeness with the world and those who misunderstand him.


  2. africa

    Yeezy is the truth


  3. Azlaberi

    What is that white shit in THE corner of his mouth


    ♪♪♪♪♪♪ Reply:

    @Azlaberi, Dude! that shit was really bothering me, i bet Jimmy was distracted by that…but finally it got off..LOL


  4. ♪♪♪♪♪♪

    The Man speaks the truth!!!!…..except for that kim should getting a Hollywood star thing…. I mean leo. dont even have a star!


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @♪♪♪♪♪♪, Getting a star should be for actors who put in the work, time, and have the talent. No offense, but she should, in no way, get a star for just being entertaining. People like Denzel, Depp, Streep, etc. >>> Kardashian


  5. Ears Talked Off

    He’s so smart… but he talks so much. They could have asked him “What do you like about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?”
    His response:
    I love it, I mean I think it takes a true artist to make one. I mean I remember back when I was in Milan and I was at a fashion show and I thought to myself, this is art. And [insert more stories about his designer friends] [insert Kim Kardashian plug]. But I don’t eat peanut butter and jelly because I’m allergic. But furthermore…[nonstop talking until Jimmy interrupts with a joke.]


    King Reply:

    @Ears Talked Off, lol.


    MMG-SUEDE Reply:

    @Ears Talked Off, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


  6. Hugh

    Love Kanye


  7. Abdullah

    THIS IS PURE GENIUS! tons of respect for kanyr for this interview! i love him


  8. The Crowd Updater

    Really glad to see Ye on the show, a little calmer than usual… but sorry, when I think of genius, I think of people like Einstein, Hawking, people of that nature. Ye, you’re doing wonders for music, but genius no. Kim K getting a Star next to legendary actors of Hollywood, umm…no.
    Also Ye, you are not the first designer, or even BLACK designer, to have their ideas shut down, only to be popular years later. It’s the name of the game.
    It seems he’s familiar with modern fashion, but not the history or Black history of fashion.
    Ye should appreciate the fact that he’s even in a position to make the moves he does, whether they’re shot down or not. There are people, EVEN MORE TALENTED THAN HIM, who will never get the opportunities that he’s been given. PERIOD.


    Brad Reply:

    @The Crowd Updater, so you’re saying people can only be intellectual geniuses and not geniuses in the realm of creativity? If that were so, what would Steve Jobs be considered? Some guy with some cool products? No. He brought to life the biggest business in the COUNTRY through an idea he had to fight for to get off the ground. Everyone has an iDevice now. That’s genius. You’re very closed-minded and unopen to the fact that people have aspirations, and just because Kanye is big, that doesn’t mean he can’t strive to attain more. MBDTF is the 28th highest rated album of all time thus far but he’s not a genius? Sure. As for Kim being on the walk of fame, you do realize it isn’t just ACTORS AND ACTRESSES on there, right? It’s ALL entertainers. Kim is one of the most famous people in the country, and with that being known, she should have a star there.


    Arthur Reply:

    @Brad, Your Steve Jobs comparison is ridiculous. Steve Jobs was an intellectual genius. He created computers and technological devices. He is also a marketing genius but would have gotten nowhere if it wasn’t for his intellect. He had both the right brain and the left brain. Not trying to say that Ye isn’t a genius. Ye is a genius when it comes to creativity, but doesn’t have the intellect to complete the puzzle. That’s why Yeezus has garnered the worst sales of his career so far. As long as his cockiness continues, (and until his intellect improves) his sales will keep dropping.


    bluu ivy Reply:

    @The Crowd Updater, I’m sorry but you’re wrong!!!!!
    Human ingenuity can be expressed in any area where it is distinguished by its talent, irrelevant of where disciolini worked on the world and what kind of game creation was the word because you have to be exclusively ingenious not I adorable daimas brain circuitry to be exclusively above average in something other


  9. Bobs

    Time for meds


    bluu ivy Reply:

    @Bobs, It definitely yes :))


  10. Brad

    Glad he brought a lot of the ideas from the Zane Lowe interview to national tv. People need to hear things like that, they’re too afraid to think for themselves.





  12. Jessica

    Kanye did exactly what he went there to do , take the wind out of that parody and get the same point across from the zane interview. Kudos to him for flipping it,he took over that show last night.


  13. Nick wright

    Pastor West


  14. Carbcarbcarb

    I’m always amazed how american people are superficial, manipulable and ‘politiclely corrects’. Have some critics on your own: why do YOU (not society) find this/ that beautiful or ugly, why do you like or hate something, why Do you think this is respectable or not? I guess your only response you have to alle these questions is money, money, and money. This ‘rant’ would be considered as normal in Europe.


  15. Just me

    soooo…he talks like a Vally Girl now..WTF


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