Nipsey Hussle ‘Humbled’ by Jay Z’s $10,000 Mixtape Purchase

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle released his mixtape Crenshaw earlier this week for free download. He also gave fans the option to purchase a physical copy for $100, and was surprised when one of those fans turned out to be Jay Z.

The Roc Nation mogul had his team contact Nipsey and purchase 100 signed copies of the album.

“They sent us $10,000, we sent out 100 CDs,” the L.A. rapper told MTV News. “I ain’t get the chance to holler at Jay, but through his people he made it clear that he respected everything, so I was just humbled by it. It felt like it was a good risk. It ended up working out.”

Not only did Jay Z buy 100 copies, Nipsey sold 1000 CDs in 24 hours online and at a pop-up store in L.A. If you do the math, that equals a whopping $100,000.

Crenshaw, which features Rick Ross, Dom Kennedy, James Fauntleroy, and Slim Thug, is available for free download and if you want to support Nipsey’s movement, you can still grab a physical copy for $100 on

Watch him talk about Jay Z’s $10,000 transaction below.

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  1. x

    a $100 mixtape? did he record it in heaven?


    jay Reply:

    @x, LMAO


    Deejay Reply:

    @x, Fuck that, Am I gonna get into heaven if I buy it???


  2. teetee

    yea im confused. I thought i misread that. i wish i would $100 for shyt. did a concert tix come with that?


  3. Raven Symone

    $100 to hear n!gga and b!tch a thousand times!? No thank you.


  4. EV

    the world keeps getting stupider


  5. Mr. Fye

    Chill guys The $100 is basically a kickstarter program that he used through the website which is in the description. Jay could have got it for free like everybody else did but he decided to support his music and buy some copies. nobodies touching Hov


  6. Bobs

    It’s free……….


  7. the o

    maybe the press confused $100 with $10. If you can get it for free who’s going to spend $100?


  8. Video ho



  9. d

    $10,000 to jayz is like 10 to us…I’m sure he won’t miss it…but he did do dude a favor and that’s real


  10. jabb

    that nigga is fine as fuck


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @jabb, your taste is the real issue here..


  11. King

    Why you MF’s complaining about the price? They telling you the mixtape is FREE. You only pay $100 IF you want to support this nigga, you don’t have to, so stop bitching already.


  12. hppadon

    I’m glad it went well for you cuz ..keep forward n ..Crenshaw is sick .illest song…Nipsey-All Get Right all yall check it out And Face the world …Summer Time in that Cutlass….etc ..all them shits is sicc


  13. bossblu

    yea on me!! that shit hood as fuc and go hella hard! likes


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