Azealia Banks Covers Groove Theory, Performs ‘ATM Jam’ at BBC 1Xtra Live

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks brought her racks, racks, racks to BBC 1Xtra Live 2013 in London on Thursday. Dressed in a rose-covered outfit, Yung Rapunxel opened her 20-minute set with “ATM Jam” and performed her EP and mixtape cuts including “1991,” “Liquorice,” and “Esta Noche.”

She also showed off her singing chops with a cover of Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” (6:50 mark).

“Let’s fuck it up, ya’ll,” said Banks before closing with her hit “212.”

Her video for “ATM Jam” featuring Pharrell will premiere on Oct. 14.

Watch Azealia’s red-hot set below.

“ATM Jam”

Full Set

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  1. kate

    she’s still around


  2. Bobby

    Easily the greatest female rap performer out right now. She puts on a great show with raw talent. Great singing voice aswell.


  3. Belli

    If you going to insult her… watch her full set, if you even insist watch again and advance to 6:20 and stay mad.


  4. Nicki

    She is amazing. I loved her performance.


  5. Wni

    someone should’ve thrown a water bottle at her again to get this irrelevant off the stage


  6. Luxury1991

    Azealia killed this performance. I can’t wait for her album to drop. She’s the most exciting rapper out there right now.


  7. kate

    yas ab


  8. joey

    something about her flow reminds me of Missy, i dont know what it is!


  9. fa

    This is what you call a female MC
    No crazy vocal editing and gimmicks
    All she needs is a microphone!
    Tight skills …
    singing and the Naomi Cambell body is just an extra!
    No wonder new school people hate her so much!
    She is not targeting under 16 year old girls…LMAO


  10. LUXURYforevah

    this is GREAT, she can rap so fast yet you can understand every word she says. the SOUND is sooo on point, + she is singing as well! Her songs are dope… house dance influenced beats + rough rap lanugage. Amazing. I wish she performed LUXURY as well, but oh well, I heard LIQUORICE. That song is OUTTA THIS WORLD!!!

    azealia is getting better and better, amazing!


  11. Raven-Symone

    No other female rapper can perform like Ms. Banks. Pure raw talent. I wish she would stop beefing with everyone because not everyone can move a crowd the way she does.


  12. Andy

    wow she’s actually very good. At first I though it was lip-sync ‘cuz it was too damn on tone but f-ck this girl can perform! It’s good since all her songs are horrible, I guess I’ll stick to her performances.


  13. Lamar

    I enjoyed her full performance! Loved her cover of Groove Theory.





    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, Is that Lil Grim on your picture ? LOL .





  15. Bitches In Paris

    She has talent but she’s so fucking ugly :[


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