Video: Toni Braxton & Babyface – ‘Hurt You’

Toni Braxton and Babyface

Toni Braxton’s retirement was short lived. The R&B diva, who considered quitting the industry earlier this year, gets back to music by teaming with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds on their duet “Hurt You.”

The longtime collaborators, who first dueted on the 1992 Boomerang single “Give U My Heart,” break down the walls and rebuild their relationship in the smoldering video.

The ballad serves as the first single off their duets album Love, Marriage & Divorce, which arrives Nov. 25.

On Thursday, Toni was on hand to honor Babyface as he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His friends including Usher, Diddy, and L.A. Reid also saluted the legendary producer at the ceremony.

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  1. trickDaddy/D-Train

    beautiful…classic…90s baby


    iL0veee____ Reply:

    @trickDaddy/D-Train, Yessssssssss I lovveeeeee this sonnnnggggggg!!!
    This is my Jam for 2013


  2. dkw

    Beautiful! Finally! Toni Braxton and Babyface! Love Them! Enough said!


  3. Pilar

    I absolutely love this video! This is how you stay true to your core fans. REAL music, NO gimmicks! Toni & Kenneth will forever be two of the greatest to ever do it.


  4. BEYHIVE2014

    This is the shit! Classic R and B is back!


  5. Bx

    This whole collab is a dream come true.


  6. jameson

    Wowwwwww this is brilliant! maybe for some of you it’s just an average R&B track but to me it foreshadows the return of solid R&b mid tempo ballads just as the ones we were lucky enough to enjoy back then…


  7. Speechless

    As Tamar would say “YES GAWD!”


  8. Luke

    44 days to the album release


  9. Tori

    Omg! I love this to pieces!! The song and video is on point. This is real music! I almost wanted to cry seeing these two singing together again!


  10. Tb

    More TONI!


  11. juantee

    This song and video are incredible. Toni is hot and Face looks pretty good too!!!


  12. Luke

    Thank God that Toni’s retirement was short lived. I can’t live without her music!


  13. Diamondgirl

    Toni is such eye candy, she looks like she hasn’t aged a day..this is core 90′s r&B…the song isn’t a hit per se but you can definitely throw this on and enjoy time and time again..


  14. Westcoastgirl

    I really enjoyed this song and video but what was Toni wearing? I think it will do well, at least I hope so. However, I agree it’s good, not great. I hope there’s stronger singles on the album and this is just to whet our appetites. The retirement storyline was just a gimmick to lead up to this anyways and have fans grateful she didn’t and thus buy her albums. Toni has too many money troubles to retire- not to mention a special needs son.


  15. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Omg yasssssssss I love this song so much! Video is amazing too!


  16. bibi93

    Very good


  17. Yallcheapheifers

    Yaww cheep heffas aint finna by shit!!!! Blax think u cn by a album wit ebt card??? EMINEM da best sellin rapper in da world cuz hiz fan$ by. Dem white nigs by albums and JZ fans steel hiz muzik. Blax cant be #1 sellaz cuz blax fanz steel all da muzik. WIC chex aint gud on da internet. Toni album gon b
    #200 of 200 cuz she got blax named tamika and friedchicken!!!!!!!!! FAIL! BITCH GON FLOP! BLAX ARTIST FLOPZ!!!!!


    Edward Smith Reply:

    They are sooooo good together, Toni ,That’s my girl !!!!! Nuff said


  18. Vlageboy

    Im a fan of both Brixton nd Face, nd what they did here is Wow!!…..Classic already, can’t wait for a full album!!


  19. SiYaSM

    Great track indeed. I can’t wait for the album release.



    CANT WAIT… and @Yallcheapheifers…it’s buy boo boo:-) lol.. you have bye(see ya later), by(next to), and buy(to purchase)… just a quick lesson..


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