New Music: DJ Khaled f/ Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ace Hood, & Wale – ‘I’m Still’

I'm Still

DJ Khaled drops two new tracks in one day. In addition to “You Don’t Want These Problems,” the Miami DJ keeps winning on “I’m Still” featuring Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ace Hood, and Wale.

“I know a lot of ni**as in here probably hate me right now/ I’ll drink to that/ That ain’t gon’ change a thing/ Still gon’ do my thing,” sings Breezy on the hook.

Suffering From Success arrives Oct. 22.

Listen to them grind it out on the Lee on the Beats production.

UPDATE: Chris has released his rap verse from the song that wasn’t included.

Chris Brown’s Unheard Verse

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  1. iL0veee____

    O.K. No More MR.NIce GUY LOl(wanted to say that)
    *The Song sound familiar, seems like DJ K is recycling his beats >>>>>> NOT INTERESTED
    *Chris Killed it && Wale other than that its a YAWNNNNNNNNN :(





  3. Missy

    Damn Karrueche, get that D! lol didn’t know she was a h0e like that


  4. Nikki

    He must be talking about Kae, because if he were talking about Rih, he pretty much committed suicide, because that would be a continuation of the abuse. SMDH!!!! this lil boy just won’t learn.


  5. Selma

    he is talking about riri haha


  6. Zay Apollo

    “I know a lot of niggas probly hate me right now. I’ll drink to that. That ain’t gon’ change a thing. STILL GON’ DO MY THING”……that speaks volumes for this nigga.


  7. I'm Still

    I recall when Chris dumped Rihanna earlier this year that she mocked Chris really bad.She simulated being with women and insinuated that Chris was her “b*tch but I know that’s okay,huh? Remember that twitter picture?….Do you recalled when she called Chris a b*tch as it pertained to him using the single they recorded for his upcoming cd? Do you recall when she laughed at the photo he showed his fans of he and other artists selling out a stadium of 80,000 plus? Remember she showed a photo of her doing that by herself as a dig at Chris…Rihanna is not talented,she’s just connected.She believes her own hype but in truth that’s all she is,

    When Teyana went in on her on twitter,you silly Rih stans cried foul but I recall many instances where Rihanna cyber bullied people and you stans laughed but had the nerve to say that Teyana should have not said a thing….

    Rihanna needs to be called out for being what she promotes…


    Alicia Reply:

    @I’m Still, so the first issue with your comment is that he dumped her, she dumped him, and he made a song begging, she has not looked back since, now move along with your false info, he is a little b*tch. He is a b*tch, and I hope that they never give him access to use her songs. If Rihanna is not talented, then that means anyone can do what she does, so go ahead honey, you do what she does, you have the same 24 hours that she has, since you dare to come on here and say she has no talent. Haters like you would die after 2 days of trying to do what Rih does. Ask those people who went on her 777 tour. They were crying about how hard it was. It’s always easy to stand from the outside and say what people are. You sound like an idiot, and I still dare any of you haters to serve up receipts on her being a ho!!!!


  8. Chileee

    Just cause work hard to reach your goals does not mean you are talented that just means you have amazing work ethic, which she does. Can’t dance, can’t sing better than ANYONE in the biz, doesn’t even write her own music. She is a beautiful girl and is great to look at. Her music is GOOD but it’s not her her making that music, it’s her team. 777 tour was horrible, her tours are wack she’s a bad live performer. All she does is stand on stage, and let the crowd sing her hard parts. She does have a pretty voice but it’s nothin special. She is winning though I’ll admit that. She has an amazing team but the lets be honest, when it comes to the talent and the gift that’s all in the body of CB. But his curse is his decision making and he’s immature. But we all knew that


  9. lolo

    rather hear chris rap than any other nigga lmao. sweet transition from sangin’ to rappin.


  10. Brooke

    These Rihanna hater’s kill me…She is on a sold out world wide tour minding her own damn business with her various projects and this lil crybaby boy stay trying to drag her name through the mud all because she left his bitter a$$. Chris pls just focus on your music and leave Rihanna’s name out of your mouth. Focus on why RCA keep pushing your $hit back…


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