Rap-Up TV: Naya Rivera Eyes J.Lo Collaboration, Reveals Top 5 Rappers

Now that she has worked with her fiancé Big Sean, Naya Rivera has her eye on a collaboration with another one of her favorite people, Jennifer Lopez.

“I would love to work with J.Lo. I’m kinda going after that one,” the “Glee” star told Rap-Up TV. “She’s the definition of longevity and what it means to be an empire and a brand and to still be liked at the same time.”

It turns out J.Lo is also a fan. “She actually loved ‘Sorry,’ and when she said that, I was like, ‘OK, well I should just retire.’ That’s awesome.”

They are already discussing a collaboration for Naya’s upcoming debut, due in 2014. “She said that she would love to,” said Naya. “I’m really liking the ’90s throwback vibe…so maybe we’ll do something like that.”

Plus, she reveals her top 5 favorite rappers. Can you guess who made her list?

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  1. Michelle

    Nice interview…Good music taste…Cool chick..


  2. Brian

    She is so fake. It’s funny how she has chosen only these rappers who’re on the top on the scene right now… what a joke


    Whatcha_Sayin Reply:

    @Brian, Maybe those are the rappers who she likes listening to? You know, since they are on the top of the scene right now as you said.


  3. chris

    lol stupid bitch all i did was laugh when she said said her top 5


  4. Alice

    I like her.


  5. dude

    she talk like a white bitch. dumb spic bitches only good for sukkin diiick


  6. JAN

    Girl, bye!


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