Video: India.Arie – ‘Just Do You’


India.Arie spreads some sunshine in the feel-good video for “Just Do You,” the second single off her album SongVersation. The soulstress ditches her corporate job mid-meeting and breaks out some choreography in the lobby.

She brings the party outside, where she meets people from all walks of life, while dancing in the streets and in the park.

Put a smile on your face by watching the uplifting visuals.

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  1. Sam

    I’m confused #throwsphoneingarbage



    I can see the concept, the delivery isnt good though… maybe its the tempo, idk.


  3. deejay

    Does she ever evolve?? I feel like I just watched one of her old videos all over again.


  4. JustDoYou

    I love it! India is having fun and giving off positive vibes! I Love the song! It’s a lot better than this pop and fake hip hop that’s out now. It’s the good music that doesn’t get noticed because some of you fools are brainwashed with that BS. People change all the time and that’s what India did. She switched it up on you lame ass haters! Please stop having that negro mentality. Thank you in advance!


  5. 6 chaniz

    I jus love her black boobs…9iceeeee!!!!


  6. 6 chaniz

    wen she shakes those boobs i go crazy half a world away….love natural black women!!!


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