Ariana Grande Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande took over the outdoor stage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to perform a mini-concert for fans on Tuesday. Shimmering in a little black dress, the petite diva commanded the stage with her big voice while belting out her hits “The Way” and “Right There” during the televised portion.

Katy Perry recently praised the 20-year-old songstress. “She has the best female vocal in pop music today,” the “Roar” singer told SiriusXM.

Ariana is working on a collection of Christmas music to be released on an upcoming EP.

Watch her hit all the right notes with her late-night set.

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  1. speezy



  2. Kayla

    You Go Ariana !!. She just needs a little more work on her stage presence but that will come in no time, but aside from that her voice is KILLER !!!


  3. Real talk

    Mariah Carey wanna be it’s not that I like her but find your way not stealing it’s not even funny


    Honey Please Reply:

    @Real talk, Oh geez.. Go somewhere with all that, preferably somewhere where punctuation is relevant.


    hooked_ol Reply:

    @Honey Please, i agree


    Real talk Reply:

    @Honey Please, no make me she will never be mariah one queen


    Pilar Reply:

    @Real talk, Yes, and her name is Janet.


  4. *A4L*

    she has a stellar voice, i love it when she sings LIVE. Nice performance


  5. Wow

    I’ll be buying her Christmas music this year for sure.


  6. DRB

    1. Why’s she still performing The Way
    2. They’re really doing a crap job of following it up
    3. Your own album has spawned one real single and has barely been out and you’re already working on a holiday EP AND second album. Why?


    Luke Reply:

    @DRB, I guess it’s called “hype”, that’s why Tamar Braxton is releasing a Christmas album, too. Ariana needs to build a solid fan-base if she wants to sell albums in the future.


  7. High_Price

    This is the best artist POP music has !!!! She is better then all of the contenders! just listen to her live…and with time comes perfection! # Team Arianna


  8. Prince Minaj

    @DRB get you some actual business “Baby I” was the 2nd single and “Right There” is the 3rd and it has a video comin out soon so do your homework before you say more stupid stuff


  9. LaMont

    I love her album it’s one of the best if not the best album to come out this year. I really like Ariana Grande she’s a sexy young thang!


  10. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    This girl is IT! So talented!


  11. TruthTella

    I LOVE her! She just needs to polish her stage presence.


  12. nwhat

    she looks very pretty but my question, why is this on rap-up?


  13. Jessie J

    She NEEDS to change her sets! It’s all the same in all her performances.. smh but she’s lovely


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