Timbaland’s Wife Files for Divorce

Monique Idlett and Timbaland

Timbaland and his wife are calling it quits. After five years of marriage, Monique Mosley has filed for divorce from the super-producer.

According to TMZ, the former publicist is asking for alimony, life insurance, private school, vacations, summer camp, and other expenses for their 5-year-old daughter Reign.

She is also seeking child support for her 10-year-old from another relationship. Monique says Timbaland is the father by default, since he’s “publicly and privately proclaimed this child as his own.”

She claims that she has no money and even had to borrow from a friend to pay her lawyer. Monique wants Timbaland, who’s worth a reported $80 million, to pay her lawyer’s fees.

While divorce proceedings are pending, she has also asked for a lump sum, “rehabilitative alimony,” and permanent alimony.

The couple welcomed their daughter in 2007 and wed in a private ceremony in Virginia the following year.

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  1. Bobby

    These bitches get wayyyyyyyy too greedy. I am sorry but then again he was dumb to not sign a prenup.

    Don’t get me wrong prenups are very tricky and people intend to believe its like planning the downfall but haven’t WE ALL (as in every single person in the world) trusted someone we shouldn’t have or perceived someone in a way they were NOT.


  2. Jay

    This bitch askin for vacations and summer camp? Bitch u better buy that, with that child support! SECONDLY! How the fuck u gon ask for child support for a child thats not even His? Not to mention she’s prolly already gettin child support for the other dad! ARE U SERIOS i swear these chicks so money hungry its sickening! Fuck outta here!


  3. Unk

    That sucks, don’t know what happened, but it’s none of my business just got to pray for them.


    Lafaye Reply:

    That’s so right pray for them both that whats matter.


  4. Mr Anonymous

    who knew his song ‘say something’ with Drake would become reality.


  5. Speechless

    she MUST be broke. Who chistian man wouldnt act like the child wasnt his? thats what a good man would do. She was clearly only in the marriage for money. she’s asking for WAY too much.


  6. DRB

    What doesn’t she want? I’ll take it as a good sign I didn’t see half.

    Pre-nups are so necessary. Its not about “I don’t love your for your money and this is forever.” Most people don’t get married with a plan to divorce but yet half do get divorced. Prepare and protect yourself.


  7. Gaz

    That’s a bit over the top. We all don’t know the full story but this article paints her out to be one greedy hoe.


  8. Raven-Symone

    I don’t care if I make 80k or 80 million the only way I won’t be getting married unless there is a prenup. And how about your other baby daddy pay CHILD support for his CHILD. I hope she gets nothing. She has two legs she can get a job. And let this be a lesson for you Tim.


  9. Brian

    celebs should always make a prenup nothing more to say!


  10. Sharp Tongue

    She must have found out he was a “bottom” feeder. #YouMad


  11. Randy

    yea yea, she got you homie.

    Unholy Matrimony


  12. Oh

    Isn’t this his second marriage? I thought he had much more money than that, but either way it seems like she just wants to get PAID. That is ridiculous, pay for your child from another man? Permanent alimony too? So she never intends on working lmfao!


  13. Glenn

    Timbaland is worth much more than 80 million I can assure u


  14. JD

    Poor Timbo. Hope he still gets to see his daughter.


  15. NYCityREP

    Smh. This chick is going for a grand slam. Summer vacations, permanent alimony, pay for my kid from another marriage… GTFOH.


  16. Hugh

    Poor Tim
    He deserves better. Someone that doesnt want his money


  17. Meme

    Ppl saying poor timbo. U guys don’t kno the story, this guy is an incredibly arrogant and controlling. Who on earth have a network if 80mil and have their wife struggling. That’s a shame she has to borrow money for lawyers. I don’t see anything over the top about what she’s asking for. After what she’s been thru she deserves half of it all, that’s what a marriage is 50/50


    Just me Reply:

    @Meme, STFU u clearly r stupid as fuck!!! She doesn’t deserve shit!! They don’t have kids together and we’re only married 5 years. Maybe she can get her lawyer fees paid and that’s all she needs . Back to section 8 and food stamps she goes. Greedy hoe


    Just me Reply:

    @Meme, STFU clearly ur dumb as fuck. She deserves shit!!! Get a job and make money for her damn self . Kid ain’t his and 5 years ain’t long enough to get a damn thing. I wish niggas would stop messin around wit these broke hoes and get a chick that has her own


    LiveLoveLaugh Reply:

    @Meme, LOL! and you know the full story? girl bye….She probably spending god knows what on expensive things, instead of saving it, she can make her own money…Its alot of women who date/marry guys who have money, but they have their own as well.smh!


    King Reply:

    @Meme, It’s always 3 sides of a story, one’s side, the other’s, and the truth. I’m pretty sure she gave him hell too so please have a sit.


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Meme, you’re right, we don’t know the story but neither do you. i’m sure they both have their faults however if you came to the table w/ nothing, that is how you will leave. the child that is his, i’m sure he has no problems supporting as for the other one well she better keep that case w/ that baby’s daddy open. someone said it right earlier, 80k or 80m … you should have a pre-nup to protect you & your assets. my husband & i have one, we’re both successful in our respective fields however if things were to end, we have a plan b, c & d in place.


  18. Humz

    “Is it the money… Want me to give it back?”


  19. LiveLoveLaugh

    She’s pathetic, if she had no money, she should’ve got a job/career and saved up some money, especially for her children…


  20. Arches

    Remind you what said old buddy Eddie:”A Haaalf. You show this b*tches luxure life and after all of this she demand a half’!


  21. Skoorb

    I think she worked for his company before they started dating…


  22. King

    Mannnn wathafaaaaaa?! I’m NEVER getting married if it’s not already a 10 years realationship. These bitches is crazy yo! She be asking for things she should even be ashamed to think about. Child support for another man’s kid? Who’s father still alive?? really, REALLY???

    That brother worked his ass off for that hard earned money & look now how she’s doing him.


  23. TimIsKing

    She’s no dime, but that’s what she deserves.

    Permanent Alimony? AKA, “I’m too lazy to work, I’m leaving you, but I intend on living off of you”.

    If you intend on living off of him, be by his side. Otherwise, get a job.

    Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, these demands are ridiculous. They also lead me to believe he’s the one who should be filing a divorce.


  24. ayee

    golddigga.. *kanye voice*


  25. Rosetta's Stoned

    This is why you have to be careful and think real hard before you get into a relationship with someone with a already made family.


  26. Lafaye

    That’s right let pray for them both that’s what need.


  27. phuckyofeelings

    this woman is way too rass greedy, why when these celebs break up it has to be so nasty, why cant it be settled like decent human being kmt, this woman acting like she was sending him out to work, I tell u with that kinda behaviour she deserves fuck all, damn greedy kmt


  28. Ready 4 da yolas

    good luck to timberland and that’s crazy for saying that she broken she ain’t broken @ all


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