New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Backseat Freestyle (Freestyle)’

30 Gold

Following Kanye, Jay Z, and Drake, Angel Haze takes on another rap titan for her “30 Gold” series. On freestyle #4, she spews quick-fire rhymes over Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” beat.

“Angel got a dream, murder everything,” laughs the fierce femcee.

Hear her go in over the Hit-Boy-produced banger.

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  1. channel_ROMAN

    She’s boring.



    @channel_ROMAN, This is actually really good, yall just love to hate.


    channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @@SLICKERTHANSLY, I don’t give a f-ck. I tried to like her but she just comes off really boring. I saw her video on 106 last night and I couldn’t watch it. Her delivery: BORING, Her voice: BORING, the video: BORING. FOH with that sh-t.


  2. gfg

    at least let it be mastered this is like your friend uploading a song online like cmon u can


  3. Andy

    well she’s doing other 26 songs. At least one has to be urban radio worthy.


  4. #stopit5



  5. killacam

    she needs to hang it up, leave it to the men and nicki


  6. A Fan

    I’m a fan of some of her stuff, but in general, her delivery is too boring. It’s like Meek Mill or Waka Flacka Flame: she just yells in one tone. It’s so monotonous to listen to that it doesn’t even matter if she switches up the flow; it still sounds the same.

    On the other hand, Kendrick Lamar, for example, varies his flow AND voice so that the songs have dynamics.


    Oh Reply:

    @A Fan, Nicki taught these rappers well


  7. YoMansKeeper

    sounds low budget…and she can rap, she’s just boring af…


  8. rew

    boring. rapping over other peoples beats is boring


  9. Oh

    Her personality is boring and her voice sounds forced and boring. She not bout dat life and she’s just an overall amateur


  10. brocka

    puttin me to sleep out here angel. i was bout to say u done fell off but u was never on anyway. lord knows how u felt cocky enough to diss azealia banks, fuck outta here. ugly ass


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