New Music: Rihanna – ‘What Now (Reflex Remix)’

What Now

Rihanna revealed the cover art for her new single “What Now” earlier this week and now she rolls out a brand new remix. The Unapologetic ballad gets a club-ready makeover courtesy of Roc Nation’s own DJ Reflex.

A video was shot in Thailand and is set to debut in the coming weeks.

Head to the dance floor with the RIHmix.

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  1. CRi$TOPHE

    Add me up on Instagram, bitchez!!


  2. CRi$TOPHE

    Add me up on Instagram, bitchez!!


  3. Andy

    so predictable!!! I prefer the original but this one is nice.



    The beat does not go with the song, wtf..


  5. bobs

    Bitch, give us JUMP..
    Ain’t no radio gonna spin this record unless there’s a line of cocaine on top of it.


  6. fa

    Lord help us all
    I barely survived Miley and katy and Gaga
    Now this audio polluted shit
    What a pathetic generation we have become


  7. Prime Pyramid

    Go to PrimePyramid. com


  8. UGH

    this is just…no.
    I PRAY Beyonce avoids this nonsense electro pop dance bullshit on her music as she always has in the past… ugh


  9. MayZiin



  10. Nick

    Damn not gonna lie I was really looking forward to a new Rih album this year. Unapologetic was filled with fillers





  11. Ready 4 da yolas

    nice remix


  12. RP

    This shit is stressful. It makes me immediately want to hear the original. Ahh… that’s better! SMH


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