TLC Talks Pebbles, New Album, and Biopic on ‘Wendy’

T-Boz and Chilli

TLC paid a visit to “The Wendy Williams Show” on Thursday while promoting their VH1 movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. Executive producers T-Boz and Chilli discussed everything from casting the biopic to their new album to their relationship with former manager Pebbles.

“We have no problems with Pebbles at all… We did not slander her,” said T-Boz, who revealed that she made them buy their name back for $1 million per letter. “This movie is from our perspective of what happened to us. It is very true. We did not lie.”

However, Pebbles is considering legal action. “I think she’ll probably wanna sue us,” said T-Boz.

TLC is working on a new album for 2014 with Dallas Austin, Rock City, and Lady Gaga (“Posh Life”).

Wendy raved about the movie, giving it “10s across the board.”

The ladies were also joined by the cast including Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer, and Lil Mama, who discussed their connection with the trio.

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  1. YoMansKeeper

    That was mad cute. I aint mad, I actually really want to see this movie now.


  2. Still Amazin

    If Wendy approved, you know it gotta be something. Can’t wait to watch!


  3. Rachel

    Pebbles is absolute trash.


  4. lolo

    that connection is crazy tho.


  5. BG

    VERY good interview


  6. Mon88

    they still great and the still got the swag i cant wait to see this movie one thing vh1 do their thang with them movies except for the michael jackson movie lol


  7. channel_ROMAN

    Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.


    TheNakedTruth Reply:

    @channel_ROMAN, Childish.


  8. Eric

    this got me hype to see the movie, cant wait and I cant believe pebbles made them pay 1 million per letter to get their name back


    Nikki J Reply:

    @Eric, me either but u have 2 admit it was a power move lol TLC being one of the highest grossing girl groups she was gon cash in on that but 3 mil is nothing compared to wat they made and will make in the future :-) can’t wait 2 c this movie!


  9. fashionkilla

    You just gotta love TLC! Still beautiful. I love T-boz!


  10. Glorrayy

    They both look fantastic! Damn I love them.

    I can’t wait to see the movie either. Lil Mama, Drew, and Keke are gonna kill it!


  11. Ready 4 da yolas

    great interview


  12. rudy morman

    I’m old school and I think that tlc still I got it I been in love chilly for a long time I broke up with two girl friends cause of chilly I didn’t”care cause I love the girl they same you never get chance to be with her you so stupid well I’m a G things like that Don”t bother me in my mind she always be my lady keep up the good work ………….LOVE ALWAYS RUDY..AKA..STUNNA


  13. tony

    Keep your heads up ladies…great job..


  14. tony

    Great job!!!!!!


  15. Sandra

    love me some TLC my daughter who came to see me ask me about a song that I use to play to death That’s the way we like em. We played it to death


  16. ambi

    I really liked them when I was younger. But to me, they are like New Edition, they are too mature for their music.


  17. Deborah King

    What a Wonderful and Talented group and we really missed your talented group. I am glad you exposed the unfair treatment you

    received from pebbles. This will help others to be on guard against such unfair tactics. Would love to see more of you.


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