New Music: DJ Khaled f/ J. Cole & Bas – ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

J. Cole

J. Cole digs deep in his thoughts on the introspective “Hell’s Kitchen.” The dark track, which features his Dreamville artist Bas, appears on DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Suffering From Success (Oct. 22).

The Roc Nation rapper contemplates fake friends, failure (“My next album flop then I’m going pop like Nelly”), and the price of fame over the ominous beat.

“Ni**a fuck you and your fake well wishin’/ Now get out of Hell’s Kitchen,” raps Cole, who is currently on his “What Dreams May Come” tour with Wale.

Take a trip to “Hell’s Kitchen” with Cole.

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  1. Higashi

    Best rapper of the new generation. Cole World!


    Brian Reply:

    @Higashi, J. Cole > Kendrick Lamar


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Brian, Yes, Cole over all!


    king Reply:

    @Yasmine, “just hold on we’re join home, lal la laa”


  2. LDOP

    Team Born Sinner


  3. Donn

    This really has 2 comments. Every meaningful song and real artist gets the least attention on here but Nicki’s boobs have 50 comments smh. And Miley Cyrus or whatever other drama gets all this press. This industry is weird


    JHP Reply:

    @Donn, I’ve found the majority of people on this website are more into the Pop/R&Bish type music as opposed to real hip-hop type stuff. Antics like those of Miley will get them more attention for the time being. But all that stuff is here today and gone tomorrow. One day, Miley and Nicki will be too old to sell themselves based off of sexuality and they’ll have nothing left to contribute. Talented artists like Cole will continue to have their fanbase, and continue to sell records.


    Zack Reply:

    @Donn, true, this site has changed to pop-up


    Shae Reply:

    @Donn, that’s why is the best. They’re actually intrigued with REAL music. And the comments are TOO hilarious. Check it out!


  4. music2myearz



    Pilar Reply:

    Cole went off, I love this!!! And Bas is dope. Dreamville is something serious.


  5. Keepin'It100

    At least he’s honest! To all those aspiring rappers, in all fairness, J. Cole warns what the industry is like!


  6. kthai

    This is the only song that matters on that bulls*t album. Cole did it again!


  7. shawn

    j. cole and kendrick, same level…. Drake follows then the rest in this new generation


    jayden Reply:

    @shawn, YUP! i also can’t decide who is better between those two, they rap like real men not like drake “they use to never wanna hear us!” hahaha


    trevor Reply:

    @jayden, “no new friends, no new friends, no new friends, no no new” with the hand gesture haha


    price Reply:

    @trevor, “just hold on we’re goin hooome, it’s hard to do this things alooone ooouuu” lmao


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