Drake Cancels Philadelphia Show


Fans were left asking, “Where’s our tour?” after Drake abruptly canceled his concert in Philadelphia on Saturday night.

Nearly an hour after the show was scheduled to begin, Drake decided to pull the plug on his “Would You Like a Tour?” gig at Philly’s Wells Fargo Center.

According to Philly.com, fans started filling the arena before they were notified that Drake would not be hitting the stage. They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations around 8:30 p.m. (The show was scheduled to start at 7 p.m.).

A Wells Fargo Center spokesperson released the following statement:

“Due to the elaborate nature of tonight’s show and an unexpected technical issue, Drake’s ‘Would You Like A Tour’ concert at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia has been postponed until Wednesday, December 18.”

All tickets from the show will be honored at the new concert date.

The Philadelphia show was the second stop on Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour?,” which kicked off on Friday in Pittsburgh. It is scheduled to resume in Montreal on Monday.

While the show didn’t go on for Drake, supporting act Miguel decided to throw a free pop-up show. “…last nights pop up show in Philly was LOVE. Big shout to Orliebs and all the fans that found it,” tweeted the “Adorn” singer.

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  1. A Realist

    Lord, he better not pull this mess when its my turn to go see him. =/ I’m always worried about going to see artists on tour because of things like this. Some people have to put in days early for work to get off and travel out of town for these types of events…


  2. se7enfan

    did his fanny fall of or something


    donna Reply:

    @se7enfan, even after he discounted the tickets they didn’t sell. but a professional would have let the show go on with 10 people. most in person performances arent that good. he didn’t need anything but a microphone to go on.


    jayjay Reply:

    @donna,lol hahahahahahahahahahahaha don’t be a dumb ass, its just like a normal job, they do encounter problems too..


  3. Meme

    But this tour just fukin started. Unbelievable


  4. Kyle

    How disrespectful. If I were a fan and paid money to see that, I would have been furious. This is people’s money, time, and devotion your fucking with asshole.


    Wole Reply:

    @Kyle, the stage would have fallen. would it be better if the stage fell and injured fans? And then he gets sued millions? blame wells fargo dumbass. I was part and im not mad


  5. Daniella

    Shit happens. It was a major safety issue with this new elevating stage he got to see his fans better especially during the shoutouts, and it wasn’t working properly. Would you rather see or die while watching him? They said it had last minute complicating issues. What if it crashed while he was performing??? You’re better off safe then sorry with wrongful death law suits. That shows that he actually cares instead of having to be responsible for people losing their lives.


  6. ccine

    well there’s obviously a good reason why!!


  7. Daniella

    Kyle, you’re clearly ignorant and trying to find another reason to hate him, no reason at all. Would you rather the huge ass stage fall and kill innocent people, or for people too see, enjoy his presence and enjoy the music! Shut up. Things happen in life that you can’t control. Life is no bed of roses. He clearly cared enough to cancel the show that way NO ONE would have to lose their lives and he’d have innocent blood on his hands and wrongful death lawsuits thrown at him; cause if he did then that would show he only cared about the money and he clearly doesn’t since he postponed it for safety reason’s including his own. You think people are willing to die to see him or die while seeing him, hell no. It was clearly for the best.


    jayjay Reply:

    @Daniella, you said it girl woooooooooohooooooo for u!major love


  8. The Crowd Updater

    This shit would happen in my city tho…


  9. FlySly

    it better not happen in atlanta!


    _BlackBeauti_KK Reply:

    @FlySly, iighht cause imma be so mad


  10. Monia

    I was there and me and my friends were so excited to see him. Very upset that such a successful concert venue couldn’t get their sh-t together for such a big act like Drake


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