Kanye West Comes to Jesus at ‘Yeezus’ Tour Kickoff

Yeezus Tour

Kanye West launched his highly-anticipated “Yeezus Tour” before more than 15,000 fans at Seattle’s Key Arena on Saturday night. Following a 45-minute set from supporting act Kendrick Lamar, the rap titan delivered a two-hour-plus extravaganza with flashing lights, costume changes, religious theatrics, and even Jesus Christ.

With a single spotlight on him, a masked ‘Ye made his way to the front of the stage’s catwalk to open with “On Sight” as cloaked women with stocking-covered faces stood behind him.

According to Rolling Stone, he performed every song off Yeezus and dipped into his back catalog with “Stronger,” “Power,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” and “Runaway.”

A 60-foot white mountain served as the stage’s backdrop with a circular projection screen towering above him, a stark contrast from his “Glow in the Dark” tour.

He got emotional during “Hey Mama,” filled the arena with Catholic incense (“I Wonder”), and was lifted up by his troupe of female dancers.

But the biggest surprise came in the form of Jesus Christ himself, who ascended to the top of the mountain as Yeezus bowed before him.

“White Jesus, is that you?” asked ‘Ye (via MTV News) before taking off his mask and yelling, “Oh, shit!”

He performed his 2004 single “Jesus Walks,” eventually closing with his Yeezus cut “Bound 2.” The crowd chanted “Yeezus” as he vanished from the stage.

“The Yeezus Tour” continues tonight in Vancouver and runs through Dec. 7.

See footage from opening night below.

“The Yeezus Tour” Set List (via NME)

“On Sight”
“New Slaves”
“Send It Up”
“Black Skinhead”
“I Don’t Like”
“I Am A God”
“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
“Coldest Winter”
“Hold My Liquor”
“I’m In It”
“Drunk and Hot Girls”
“Guilt Trip”
“Blood On the Leaves”
“I Wonder”
“Hey Mama” (Instrumental)
“Street Lights”
“Lost In the World”
“Heard ‘Em Say”
“Through the Wire”
“Jesus Walks”
“Flashing Lights”
“All of the Lights”
“Bound 2″

Photo credit: Virgil Abloh + Rob Markman

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  1. Popintl

    YEEZUS just rose again! I can’t wait til 11/24 at MSG


    Yeezuz tour hype!!! Reply:

    BARKLEY 11-22 yes…!!


  2. Franck

    your favs could never!!!
    Jay WHO?! Magna Carta WHAT?!!
    He took another level shit, bringin’ Hip Hop culture with A-list Pop production (Madonna/Britney tours).

    Part of being a great artist is progression. And at this point there is simply no match for him anymore.
    Hail to Yeezus!


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Franck, your gay ass would appreciate a grown ass man standing in front of strobe lighting. let’s be clear, it’s supposed to be a hip-hop show NOT a production of Rent. Regarding Jay who … it’s Jay Z: Reasonable Doubt, Blue Print 1-3, American Gangsta, Watch the Throne, Magna Carter Holy Grail. It’s 12 #1 consecutive albums, (in any genre)only second to the Beatles. It’s the Jay Z that is now on his SECOND sold out concert tour or 2013. When I go to a hip hop show, that’s what I want hip hop NOT a pop show. But thanks for playing!
    P.S. If Jay was going to get tips on putting on a production, he would get it from his wife. You know Beyonce, the bitch that’s selling out arenas. NOT Britney, whose hold up in Vegas like she’s retiring.


  3. What

    @Franck Jay has never been a person to do these type of things and yet he is still lasting. So what’s your point? Just because somebody has state of the art staging means nothing. For you to even reference Britney when she her self relys on a beautiful stage to guide her show your statement is baseless.


    Franck Reply:

    @What, Jay just doesn’t have the mastermind to pull off this kind a show. PERIOD
    I’m not bashing but Jay always doing the same boring shows all over again. They are good but he never evolve and as I said being a great artist is progression.

    And as for Britney, I know she is lame on stage now but you can’t deny how epic her production/visual is!


  4. Nick

    I have floor seats to the show in Miami on Black Friday and I was considering selling my tickets cuz I work in retail and I know they’ll need me, but after seeing these videos and the fact that the setlist has all my favorite Kanye songs I can’t do it. I’m too excited for this. fuck


  5. kabaat

    THIS IS EPIC & OUTSTANDING!!!! Hail Yeezus


  6. Mr. Fye

    I am really jealous of anybody that gets to go to this concert. The set looks epic and a amazing. His dancers are doing the most. And that MF set list is CRAY!!!! DRUNK AND HOT GIRLS AND STREET LIGHTS. Tight


  7. Lisa

    Rap up thank you for posting the whole Jesus thing in it’s full context, it is clear what he was doing, and the end shows that he was bowing to Jesus, there is no blasphemy here like people would like to think. Great show.


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