Nicki Minaj Plays ‘Wheel of Accents’ with Queen Latifah

Nicki Minaj and Queen Latifah

Nicki Minaj showed off her colorful personality during her visit to “The Queen Latifah Show.” In addition to promoting her Nicki Minaj Collection with Kmart, the rap diva played “Wheel of Accents” with the talk show host.

First she tried out a Spanish accent, but was more comfortable as a British Barb. She also had Queen Latifah laughing while channeling a Valley Girl.

Hear the many accents of Nicki and find out what a Scottish Latifah sounds like.

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  1. nicko

    2 female rap MOGULS :-D There’s still no FULL interview tho -___-’


  2. Vicki

    They were so cute and funny together! I loved the interview :D


  3. Lily



  4. Tom

    This is U.N.I.T.Y!!! One Sucsessful Female Rapper/Mougl interviewing another in the making, Queen Latifah is Nicki’s real insperation.

    Lil Kim should of handled her business better!


  5. KenBarbUk

    Such an ICONIC Moment.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @KenBarbUk, lol


  6. Os

    love and respect,they both doing there thing.


  7. plastic

    Great interview the power of successful smart female rappers I loved it


  8. channel_ROMAN

    Where’s the full interview tho?


  9. BadBitch Syndrome

    this is why i love Nicki playful, smart, humble, sexy, and a BOSS


  10. Andy

    LOVE THEM!!!


  11. EveRyder

    @Andy, oh bitch bye…….u don’t love nobody,but that fake plastic bitch. Yeah that’s rite I’m back . Did u think u think I would leave? Nope


  12. Oh

    Two fake sell out whores


  13. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Omg LOL their chemistry together♥

    They are so funny together xD! This is what we need to see female rappers doing! And these two aren’t just rappers they are moguls! The only two female rappers to do something above their rap careers and become even bigger! All these other chicks need to take note.



  14. Stuart Bailey

    Geesh. I smiled during the entire segment, but I’m mad there was a full commercial between the 2 =]


  15. Sushi

    This was Soooo EPIC! XD hahaha.. lol I love how QL tried to read the card in French, but threw it half-way reading it


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