VH1 Premieres Original Movie ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’


There were laughs, tears, and lots of good music when VH1 premiered its Original Movie CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story last night. Executive produced by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, the two-hour biopic chronicled the rise of TLC, the best-selling female girl group of all time, who shot to superstardom in the ’90s.

The talented cast of KeKe Palmer (Chilli), Drew Sidora (T-Boz), and Lil Mama (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes) brought back memories while recreating the group’s iconic music videos including “What About Your Friends,” “Waterfalls,” and “No Scrubs.”

Through triumph, turmoil, and tragedy, they reminded viewers why TLC changed the face of music forever.

If you missed the premiere, you can watch the film below.


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  1. B Gldnboi

    The movie bought up a lot that makes since and really showcased the behind the scenes of what happened surrounding their rise and bankruptcy and the events that attributed to their determination in the face of adversity. The actresses did a great job altho at times Chili personally was a little underwhelming for me… still a great job esp tht Lil Mama..


  2. yolanda

    My point tboz was much more calmer than that but over all the movie was great hands down five stars!!


  3. TLC4Ever

    This movie is very iconic and very great. I never knew TLC like this before and it was a great movie!! ALWAYS BE A FAN!! TLC TIL THE DEATH OF ME :)


  4. jonnyjon

    Great movie! Lil Mama nailed it.


  5. Maclove1

    wow ya’ll I relived my life from 13-23 im over her laughing,crying and happy sad.. life is crazy tho like one min your a kid then bam!

    you grown looking back on life.

    R.I.P Lisa and

    T-Boz you always been the one i looked up to and still do your so strong to me even when i found out you have lupus i never cared i just hoped for the best with your health .that part mad me cry when your mom sing to you.

    Chilly :)
    i respect you to and that voice whooo you can sang!
    ya’ll lil sis you don’t know Dedra Williams lolz


  6. A Realist

    Very nice movie. Learned some things I never knew about the ladies of TLC. And I think Lil Mama did a phenomenal job with her portrayal as Left Eye.


  7. Coolie Jones

    Loved this movie, the casting choices were spot on and fantastic. All 3 women did a great job especially Lil Mama. I’ve known about Drew Sidora for some years, but she’s definitely on my radar after last night.

    Damn I love them,
    TLC is Forever.


  8. Luke

    Loved the movie, these girls never had it the easy way!


  9. fonkyfresh

    lil’ mama really killed that roll. being a TLC since I was 12- this movie really hit home with me. can’t wait to their is more TLC music!


  10. justreal

    i didn’t like Keke Palmer as Chili. Sorry.


  11. tlcfan

    Keke Palmer was the only problem with the movie. Despised her as chilli.


  12. bibi93

    I like!!


  13. mariana

    I love this movie all the way. It tells the story and a lot more. TLC IS THE BEST of them all.


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