Toni Braxton and Babyface Album Delayed Until 2014

Love, Marriage & Divorce

Toni Braxton and Babyface have delayed their Love, Marriage & Divorce until next year. The R&B powerhouses have announced a new release date for their collaborative project.

The album was originally due November 25, but will now arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 4, it was announced by Motown Records.

It’s been 21 years since the Grammy-winning diva and legendary producer worked together on 1992’s “Give U My Heart” off the Boomerang soundtrack.

The album will be Babyface’s first new studio album in nearly seven years and Toni’s first new album since 2010’s Pulse.

“I think because Babyface and I have both gone through divorces, we can relate and we can collaborate together on this topic and make it so others who have gone through this situation can relate,” Toni told ESSENCE.

The project has already spawned the first single “Hurt You” as well as a video.

In the meantime, Toni will return to television for a fourth season of her reality show “Braxton Family Values,” premiering November 14 on WE tv.

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  1. fa

    This is sad news!
    Good music is rare these days!


  2. Meme

    Great item I don’t know why they were trying to prove by pushing it up in the first place. And ppl please stop with all the good music is rare crap. Not because it’s r&b does means it good music. Miley Cyrus wrecking was better than hurt you if you ask me


    Quinn Reply:

    @Meme, Good music isn’t necessarily rare but it’s overshadowed by all this EDM, electropop shit. And, girl, please …. you’ve got a Rihanna icon. It’s typical for you to prefer ‘Wrecking Ball’ to ‘Hurt Me.’


    Brra Reply:

    Maybe I should have defined good music.
    Now chill!
    At least you have automatically put Miley on the map as a contrary to good music.
    Which means you have a potential to like real music!


  3. jeremy

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t make us wait


  4. The Shaded Truth

    Kids no NOTHING about this here. I want to hear this… anything with Toni singing.


  5. Sam

    Meme sounds really stupid! So I’ll ignore it. Album was pushed for good reason. Her book comes out at the same time and their tour will hit the road plus we will be well into the Braxton Family Values season.


  6. kiki

    Sad times, hope it doesn’t get pushed back again. Looking forward to it.


  7. John Boy

    Great move guys. This album is more appropriate for Valentine’s Day rather than the Xmas season.


  8. Lindy

    I can’t wait for this album….. Toni and Baby face,they are my favorite musicians. Love them to bits.:)


  9. Abijah

    Lindy, I totally agree with your sentiments because Babyface and Toni Braxton are also two of my favourite musicians. I can’t wait to get the album!


  10. Richie

    For those who can differentiate b/w good music & blare, I wish u luck – I was listening to maxwell sometime ago & I was like am I still on earth or an angel singing? That’s aw gud music makes u feel – record labels & executives have messed up music 2day bcuz profit is d motive 4 business- miley cyrus comparison to toni braxton or babyface is so lame cuz toni & kenneth make great music – cyrus is an opening act from record executives


  11. Micky

    Toni is u ar so amazing cant wait to c d nxt album ,u ar rocking


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