Lady Gaga Unveils ‘Venus’ Cover Art


Lady Gaga releases not one, but three covers for her ARTPOP track “Venus.” The striking artwork was shot by “Alejandro” and “Fame” director Steven Klein.

A topless Gaga wears a scorpion on her face on one cover, which was inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović. Cover 2 is a bat, while the third cover features a completely nude and tatted Gaga with an object over her mouth.

The song was originally slated to be the second single off ARTPOP, but due to popular demand, she has decided to go with “Do What U Want” featuring R. Kelly.

“Venus” will still hit iTunes on Monday, while ARTPOP arrives two weeks later on November 11.

“I composed ARTPOP to be a full experience, we are releasing all these songs and snippets to give you a more complete picture of the album,” said Gaga.

Listen to a snippet of “Venus” below.



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  1. Ryan

    Wtf???? I hope this b*tch flops so hard with this era… and I really thought she changed and now she turns back to her old look


  2. asf

    Just when I thought she was going to let the music speak for itself…


  3. YouGonHearIt

    talk about doing the most and is it just me or upon all this publicity and fuckery people are still not catching to.the Artpop hype? its like its just not happening and.people aren’t getting into her weird hype anymore


  4. lol

    Her music speaks for itself with/without some cheap covers. Ppl have the right to act/dress the way they want it, deal with it.

    ps: good photos don’t earn u Grammys.


    UKnowIGotIt Reply:

    @lol, Neither these songs will..


    f*cKHaters Reply:

    @UKnowIGotIt, luckily that’s not for you to decide.


  5. Kurweezy

    See here’s the thing I love Gaga and respect her artistry and I “was” looking forward to this album but the over promoting and shock tactics are more tacky than the born this way era. I liked applaused and Arua. The R Kelly joint sounded iight. This and that Artpop shit sound pretty much the same but this is only a snippet so I can’t judge to hard. But I am not really impressed. Also Azealia Banks did a song called venus recently also which has a more dance/pop appeal that sound better than this(as far as I can tell).


  6. JD

    This is all really disturbing.



    Steven Klein Photography. Fuck yeah!

    Dope snippet. Ready for ARTPOP like NOW.


  8. nn

    wack! both the music and that tired gimmick look. she’s gonna flop so hard.


  9. KenBarbUK




    lol I swear to you all I love and appreciate art BUTTT WOT THE F&#!K IS THIS?? STOP IT


  11. Chris

    She’s a demon and terrible music



    OH MY!…


  13. Bobs

    Applause is a huge international hit. I like the song but it’s a little too b52s sounding. Good thing they went with the other song. But the comments here aRe just funny. You guys just seem to hate originality and then stan
    Over Nicky minaj In pasties. Smh


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