Ciara and Future Announce Engagement

Future and Ciara

Wedding bells are in the future for Ciara and Future. The R&B singer and rapper are officially engaged.

Ciara was celebrating her 28th birthday in New York over the weekend when Future proposed, according to The Associated Press. The Atlanta MC, 29, presented the “Body Party” singer with a 15-carat diamond ring, their publicist, Chris Chambers, said on Sunday night.

“Today Has 2 Be Like One Of The Sweetest Days Of My Life! #TheBestBirthdayEver,” Ciara tweeted on Saturday. “If I’m Dreaming I Don’t Want To Wake Up..Aaaaaahhh!!!”

The couple has been dating for a year. No wedding date has been set.

“I’m happy. I’m with somebody that makes me feel very comfortable,” Ciara previously told Power 99’s Mina SayWhat, while Future gushed about his bride-to-be.

“This is it,” he told Angie Martinez. “This the one. … I said it seven years ago so for it to come around and it happen, it was just meant to be.”

The two collaborated on Ciara’s self-titled album, which was released in July.

Ciara Tweets

Ciara Engagement Ring

Ciara showed off her 15-carat diamond engagement ring on Instagram, writing, “@Future Forever My King. #HappiestGirlInTheWorld.”

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  1. coco

    is everyone getting engaged on their birthday? lol congrats to them though!


  2. Antonio

    Awwww congrats to them. They seem very happy and committed to each other so they deserve it. I really hope Beyoncé or Rihanna stans don’t post anything shady or negative because it’s uncalled for and played out. This is Ciara’s moment and she deserves it…


    karamelkisses Reply:

    @Antonio, for the record, not ALL beyonce (or rihanna) stans post negative comments. i know that ci & ri had their “beef” but from my knowlegde ci & bey are cool & have respect for one another. anyway, congrats to her & future … very sexy couple! they seem to ground each other & don’t flaunt their relationship for press (like another couple we all know. and yes, that was shade being thrown towards mr. & mrs. kardashian).


    Antonio Reply:

    @karamelkisses, oh I know but it kinda become social media norm to shade Ciara for no apparent and I’ve mostly seen it from Bey and Rih stans but Ciara stans are very shady a lot of times as well, but in personal times like, the Squad, Navy and Hive need to all keep it cute


  3. yeha

    such a sexy couple!


  4. 2bad2bme



  5. troof

    Is anybody gonna wife up Rihanna besides Chris?

    half the industry ran thru her.

    it has to be a man-slut so it evens out

    prolly Lil Wayne.


    Channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @troof, LMFAOOO Chris Brown won’t even marry her tbh


    aaliyah Reply:

    @troof, Really?……


  6. Ray

    Rihanna drags tf outta her on twitter, She comes back with one of the biggest hits of her career. Her album flops, she gets engaged. Her life is like the stock market.


    Channel_ROMAN Reply:

    @Ray, LMFAOOO d.a


  7. RiRi4life

    Hey, I’m a RiRi stan, and I still feel really happy for her! Hope she continues to work on music like those in “Ciara” tho. She’s got a a brighter… FUTURE now hahaha :D #GoodForCiara


  8. Brian

    Ciara was one of the greatest but after she was together with him she started to flop… her music changed so much, her outfits etc. bad move girl bad move but I wish u the best


    gag Reply:

    @Brian, Um, no as we all can remember Basic instinct flopped HARD. 3 YEARS BEFORE THEY STARTED TO DATE. Body party has been her comeback since 2007. But continue to hate.


    Phoenix Wright Reply:

    @Brian, You have it backwards. She started to flop way before he came around. He helped her get her latest hit so idk what you’re talking about


  9. ewrre

    did he propose inb autotune?


    Badasselmo Reply:

    @ewrre, lol !! You ain’t shit!!!! !!!


    Beej Reply:

    @ewrre, LMFAO


  10. VenturaForever

    And watch, a pregnancy will be announced shortly thereafter.


  11. kate

    i am riri stan and i am happy for her. i am not a devil


    RiRi4life Reply:

    @kate, die bitch. get a life.


    kate Reply:

    @RiRi4life, why?


  12. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Congrats to them both!





  14. Andy

    My girl CiCi!!! Congratz to the happy couple :)


  15. MYS

    I’m very happy for the both of them!!! I’m also glad to see other people being happy for CiBandz. It’s a breath of fresh air to have some type of positivity considering all the negativity people bring to their name. NOW they need to address the pregnancy rumors. I personally think it’s POSSIBLE for her to be pregnant, but not to the point that she’s showing. Her tummy was just perfectly FLAT 2-3 weeks ago! lol celebrities don’t grow any different from us :)


  16. TrinaFan

    Congrats to them!


  17. Janair Everette

    Congrats to them. They mustv known eachutha for a long time to be engaged after a year of dating. And they’re close to 30yo so getting married is a must and then they can have kids!!


  18. Jade

    I’m sooo ecstatic for her, she deserves happiness. Congratulations to them :)


  19. An0thrDream

    Awesome!! Ciara deserves happiness! She’s such a beautiful soul!! Happy future is a great man making her feel amazing

    Go CiBandz!!

    #Overdose (can’t wait for video)


  20. opd2

    Greats to them,wishing them all the best,


  21. anita

    Congrats CiCi you deserve to be happy!


  22. suzieQ

    Her cd didn’t flop it actually hit #1 when it came out but congrats to them


  23. niicole

    damn congrats ciara nd future


  24. Bitches In Paris

    *Waits for pregnancy announcement*

    I wonder how long the engagement & marriage will last .


  25. Eve

    Cici, that’s all u deserved, happiness and a lovely relationship. Keep ur smile and faith forever. Congrats u and future. Kisses


  26. justreal

    Thats Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring lol. the exact one kris humphries gave her


  27. kgomotso manzou

    yeah real nd true


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