Eminem and Kerry Washington
10.31.2013 Uncategorized

Eminem Gets Serious in ‘SNL’ Promos

Eminem will make his return to “Saturday Night Live” this weekend as musical guest. Ahead of his appearance, the Detroit rapper stars alongside host Kerry Washington in a couple promos for Saturday’s episode. Em plays it serious and doesn’t say much except for “I love cupcakes.” Still, we can’t help but laugh.

  • Pilar

    Love Kerry …. and that wasn’t an act. That’s just Em lol

  • stephenc

    Eminem looks like he needs to get to the bathroom quick to evacuate the Hardee’s he ate for lunch.

  • Sushi

    he always looks so constipated

  • Onika Miraj

    This made me smile.
    It’s crazy knowing he’ll be 50 in only 9 years.

    • Tay Tay

      @Onika Miraj, oh yeah? and I will be 72 in 48 years…smiles bish!

      • Sushi

        @Tay Tay, 10 years can pass by so fast. 72 years.. that’s too long

  • Hugh

    Eminem is the best

  • Miri

    his blond used to to look hot in the 90s, but not now anymore. But in the end of the day hes eminem, so he can go away with anything away

    • Shae

      @Miri, I don’t get it. Everyone wanted ‘Slim Shady’ back after ‘Recovery’… he goes back to the goofy him, everyone hates it. LET THE MAN LIVE! lol

  • jay scorpio

    I hope Eminem and Rihanna performs their new smash hit “The Monster”!

    • Sushi

      @jay scorpio, it’s not “The Monster” it’s just “Monster”

      • Wole

        @Sushi, he’s right its “the monster” go check yourself

  • MIM

    LOL em is so weird, but I love it. His album is amazing. Am so going to buy it.

  • chris

    the blonde needs to go , but you can tell by his skin hes been through some serious drug problems

  • Ready 4 da Yolas

    wow just watched this a few min ago & it’s sort of funny