Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Janelle Monáe, Eve, & Sevyn Streeter Perform at ‘Black Girls Rock!’

Sevyn Streeter and Kelly Rowland

BET celebrated beautiful, powerful, and talented women during its annual “Black Girls Rock!” special, which aired on Sunday night. Hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King, the star-studded evening featured musical tributes from R&B’s leading ladies including Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, and Janelle Monáe.

Janelle kicked things off with a high-energy performance of “Electric Lady” followed by Jennifer Hudson, who performed her new single “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” for the first time.

Following an introduction from her fellow Destiny’s Child diva Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland teamed up with Eve and Sevyn Streeter for a remix to her Talk a Good Game single “Gone.” She danced her way into the venue as Eve rapped from the balcony and Sevyn dueted with her on the ladies’ anthem.

Mariah Carey honored her godmother Patti LaBelle with the Living Legend Award, while Jennifer Hudson bestowed praise on Queen Latifah while presenting her with the Rock Star Award.

See these soulful salutes plus performances from Patti, Ledisi, and Amber Riley below.

Janelle Monáe – “Electric Lady”

Jennifer Hudson – “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)”

Kelly Rowland feat. Eve and Sevyn Streeter – “Gone”

Patti LaBelle – “You Are My Friend”

Ledisi – “I Blame You”

Amber Riley – “I Am Woman”

Mariah Carey Honors Patti LaBelle

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  1. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter)

    So proud of Kelly. This is the Kelly I want to see more of! Ledisi’s performance was good to me also. Black Girls Rock!


    bernadette Reply:

    @Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter), Not a single A lister was allowed on that stage. Kelly rowland looked like a mannequin with all that makeup and plastic surgery and sounded like a screeching cat. She cant dance at all. She wants to be rihanna so bad. JHud and Ledisi were the only decent acts on that stage. I’ll never watch that stupid show again.


    joy Reply:

    @Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter), Kelly Rowland looks like a black joan rivers with that wig, overdone plastic surgery, and tons of makeup LOL she look just like her with the same hairstyle LOL the only act i enjoyed were ledisi and JHud Ledisi was AMAZING! Love her and her new look


  2. Jessie J

    Kelly Rowland killed it! Hands down!


  3. kate

    whoaaaaaaaa kelly was amazing what a voice !!!!


  4. FlySly

    really enjoyed kelly performance!!!


  5. trent

    Yesss Kelly i loved it


  6. Brian

    I love Kelly but to be honest she doesn’t look that good without make-up. It’s crazy what make-up can do


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  8. Lay

    Sevyn streeter slayed kelly on her own performace u better work sevyn


    Sheena Reply:

    @Lay, yass sevyn stole the performance that bitch was fierce on the damn stage I was like yassss sevyn u better show kelly how it’s done lol


    meme Reply:

    @Lay, chile stop reaching


    Ryan Reply:

    @Lay, She slayed nothing.


    kate Reply:

    @Ryan, she slayed nothing. kelly killed it


  9. Toya

    Yo sevyn just showed y she’s do high respected in the industry with the right team she can be the next big thing


  10. Shay

    Y is kelly trying to still sevyn swag ????


  11. Levels

    Kelly made seven look like a fan who got the opportunity to perform with her. Everything about kelly was better, appearance, swag, little two steps they were doing and as far as vocal delivery it’s arguable. Both ladies killed it but kelly stole the show.


    meme Reply:

    @Levels, i totally agree. I love both ladies but Sevyn looked like the newbie she is compared to Kelly. Kelly performance wise looked much more seasoned. Sevyn is def on her way tho.


    Jen Reply:

    @Levels, lol sevyn did not look like no fan and I’m not saying that sevyn slayed kelly they both did equally well it’s just sevyn is a breath of Fresh air so people are going to say she is better but we all kno that not truth I mean sevyn had potential to be something very big but we will see how she does


  12. Kewann

    Kelly killed the hole show including the people she performed with she had so much charisma spark and personality wow go kells!!!


  13. chris

    I’m proud of Sevyn. She is growing as an artist. But Kelly and Eve were amazing. I loved the dance breakdown at the end too. And Jennifer Hudson was fantastic. Love that song too.


  14. Katie

    Big fan of sevyn but saying she slayed kelly is crazy as hell and clearly some of u wasn’t watching the same performance I was watching cuz kelly did the damn thing yes sevyn is talented but plz don’t put them crazy ass comments saying she is better than kelly


  15. Kyle

    Damn, Kelly OWNED that stage. I wish we saw this side of her more. If she wants a hit, she needs to push this song more because this song could be huge for her! I’m so glad she threw Eve in the mix. I think Eve is unappreciated in terms of her live performances. She can spit and she’s so clear, concise and she keeps her clothes on. That’s rare! LOVED this performance!


  16. Tisha

    Lol y’all are shady lol first off sevyn did slay that performance but she did not slay kelly

    But any who love the performance I love the dance break down part I feel like kelly was passing the torch to sevyn to hold it down for the brown skin woman go kelly go sevyn love them both


  17. Dj

    Sevyn did not slay Kelly they were equally good, despite Sevyn singing the wrong words to the second verse.


  18. Yemi

    Kelly’s performance was the best, it gave me life!!! lol You can see she put work into it and worked every aspect of the room…corridor, pathway, stage and balcony!!! Eve it’s so good to see you lady. Hand’s down best the performance! Loved Jhud too…her voice is fierce!


  19. Yemi

    *the best performance :)


  20. Eve of destruction



  21. Ready 4 da Yolas

    Everybody did a Wonderful performance and NO Need to hate Keep it moving


  22. bird

    lets be clear!!!! my boo Amber “sevyn” Streeter WROTE that song for Kelly!, She just didn’t wanna take any shine from her and her moment. Sevyn def can preform on or even a higher level than Kelly Rowland. im done!


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