New Music: f/ Miley Cyrus, French Montana, & Wiz Khalifa – ‘Feeling Myself’ and Miley Cyrus joins forces with Miley Cyrus, French Montana, and Wiz Khalifa for another star-studded collaboration. Fresh off her “Real and True” duet with Future, Miley raps about twerking, molly, and bottles on the bouncy club banger.

“Now everybody trippin’ like they poppin’ molly/ Up in the club is where you’ll find me/ I do it real big, never do it tiny,” she raps.

The song will reportedly appear on a re-release of’s album #willpower, which dropped in April.

Crank up the confident cut below.

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  1. nabil

    that’s exactly the same instrumental from dj mustard for “paul wall -gettin tho’d” wtffff


  2. Raven-Symone

    “Re-release”? For what. He sold out and made generic EDM/Pop music and his album flopped so now he is going to sell out again make generic “twerking” music. Get your life will you’re done.


  3. MRB

    Re-release??? LMFAO!!! is trash no one will support his music! His cocky and arrogant attitude has turned off most fans! Plus there are way better producers out there so why do people run to his music! I hate people who look a mess yet they feel their worth is better then everyone else! FLOP!


  4. truth

    re-releasing an album less than 2 month old. Definition of failure!


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