Video: Sevyn Streeter – ‘nEXt’

Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter falls in and out of love in the video for “nEXt.” The R&B songstress cozies up to her love interest, played by Mack Wilds, but their relationship soon takes a turn for the worse. She is seen cutting up Polaroid pictures of them as she sits on her bed.

“I know we miserable apart but together it’s so hard,” says Sevyn. “All I need to know is how can my ex-boyfriend be my next boyfriend?”

She plans to release mini music videos for all seven tracks off her upcoming EP Call Me Crazy, But…, which arrives Dec. 3.

If you pre-order the EP on iTunes, you will also be able to download the title track “Call Me Crazy.”

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  1. You Mad 'Cause I Don't D--k-Ride Ya Fave?

    Mack Wilds x Sevyn Streeter, yes, you are Next!


    Ice Reply:

    @You Mad ‘Cause I Don’t D–k-Ride Ya Fave?, Agreed, I’m just getting into Mack Wilds this week. Two old-school throwbacks.


  2. Bitxh_YUS

    Come tha fuck on Sevyn! Jus purchased this on iTunes…yet another SMASH!


  3. tsbaddie

    Yesss I Fuck With This


  4. Carlos

    yupp just preordered the ep lmao


  5. Alesha

    Preordered and I’m loving this song along with the title track! Fiya!


  6. Free Spirit

    I LOVE Sevyn Streeter!!! I LOVE what she’s bringing to the music scene and I’m also happy that people are finally noticing her as well… And Mack Wilds is a good actor and rapper/singer… I’m definitely getting the “Call Me Crazy, But…: EP”.


  7. Ryan

    First Aaliyah and now she tries it like Kelly Rowland what the hell is her point?


    KING Reply:

    @Ryan, Aaliyah? tries it like Kelly Rowland? smh, bye.


    Quest Reply:

    @Ryan, I don’t know why any R&B singer would want to emulate Kelly but the Aaliyah ploy is so obvious. Rap-Up is still gassing this bitch up.


  8. Reggie

    nah this nigga taking my baby Sevyn too? Fuck that I’m stepping on my Mack Wilds CD. Leave some chicks for us homie.


  9. meme

    beyonce has a song with similar lyrics “Next Ex”….either way it sounds good


    hanxx Reply:

    @meme, 2 totally different songs with 2 totally different concepts. the only thing thats similar is the 2 words ‘next ex’. stop. cause you’re reaching.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @hanxx, lmao! People always fire meme up its hilarious. She always has some sly/shady remark followed by a compliment. Like gtfoh already.


  10. divinebrown

    sevyn’s the truth! preordering right now!


  11. Lay

    Yas sevyn do that shit now that’s how u promote I preorder my copy thus morning


  12. Girl Melanie

    Very Stacy Barthe


    credits Reply:

    @Girl Melanie,

    You are on point with this cmment. i heard a few people mention aaliyah and kelly rowland above but they don’t know what they are talking about. it sounds like something from stacey barthe’s “sincerely yours”. It’s fresh though, i love it!


  13. Ice

    Straight FIRE.


  14. Gaz

    Love is girl. Been waiting all year, they said an album in November, now it’s just an EP. Oh well, better than nothing


  15. lolo

    i hope sevyn isn’t making a mistake, im so iffy about the video but we’ll see.


  16. Sas

    What is the name of this music video?


  17. ray

    yo I am feeling this too, sevyn is doing the damn thing keep the hype alive!!


  18. steph

    I love this song! I’ve been playing it over and over lol I really like it


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