Ariana Grande Readies Christmas Music

Ariana Grande

It’s beginning to look a lot like an Ariana Grande Christmas. The 20-year-old singer will be releasing new music for the holidays.

She plans to drop a song each week starting on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

“I’m releasing new music for Christmas!” announced Ariana on Twitter. “New song every week as a countdown to the holidays starting Nov19. Beyond excited to share them w/ U!”

The seasonal songs will include covers and originals, with the first release being a remake of Wham!’s ’80s hit “Last Christmas.”

“The 1st song #LastChristmas out Nov 19 ❄️ I can’t wait for u to hear our spin on it. There will be originals as well! Hope u love the music,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ariana is still promoting her album Yours Truly, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

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  1. DRB

    “Still promoting.” Ok.


  2. susana



    Sushi Reply:

    @susana, that’s so sweet that you’re comparing her to Mariah. It means, she’s doing something right


    P Reply:



  3. KenBarbUK

    Here 4 It.


  4. KenBarbUK

    i swear this bitch looks older than me and im only 5 years younger than her lol.

    She better share that fountain of youth.


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, you’re 15? That explains so much…


  5. Frank White

    They really are trying to turn her into Mariah 2,0


    Issac Reply:

    @Frank White, No, you stans are trying to turn her into Mariah 2.0.


    Onika Miraj Reply:

    @Issac, AMEN. SAY IT AGAIN. I bet if she couldn’t hit whistle tones she wouldn’t be compared! She’s an amazing singer. Leave this girl alone!
    I love ariana. Honestly. I’m turning into a big fan


    P Reply:


    I’m no Stan but her label obviously tried for that. She release a mariah remake on YouTube. She has performed more than a few mariah songs in her shows especially at Christmas, they stack her falsetto (“Lovin’ It”) like Mariah, and for as many times as she complained house the whistle hurting her through on social media they force her to do it. It’s not Stan’s forcing a label on her. It’s a label trying to recreate a formula that works well, is easily recognizable, and hard to Mimic. They did the same when Leona Lewis was on the come up, and same with Christina at first. Don’t blame mariah or her Stans. Blame a company trying to get money.


  6. mariah the one in only 11.11.13

    She will never be mariah people are over it it won’t work she needs to find her own way smh


  7. Confused

    Wait, so she can’t release Christmas music because Mariah Carey did it already?….


    Wow Reply:

    @Confused, Apparently. She Can’t Breathe Either, Because Mariah Did It First. If Ariana Even Does That She’s Copying Mariah. SMH. But I’m Ready For The Christmas Album! (:


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